Sandra Bowers


Athlete: Sandra Bowers, Ultra-Runner
About Me:

I am an ultra-runner, a multiple National Champion and have represented Scotland and Great Britain at World, European and Commonwealth Championships at 100k distance. I have become famous for having some very special training partners… a pack of Siberian Huskies. Huskies are the epitome of endurance athletes. Every day they share their zest for life and endurance running with me and this helps me run further and faster than I ever thought possible. Best of all they never complain!

Favorite Race:

My favorite race in recent years has been The Ridgeway Challenge. This race is 85 miles along the Ridgeway National Trail, a 5,000 year old route used since prehistoric times by travellers, herdsmen and soldiers. The trail follows ancient landscapes from the Chiltern Hills in the east, through secluded valleys and woods to the open down-land to the west of the River Thames. It finishes alongside the word famous prehistoric standing stones of Avebury, Wiltshire. This race also bestows the prestigious title of UK Ultra Trail Running Champion to the worthy male and female winners.

Future Goals:

My two major goals for 2013 are to win the Ridgeway Challenge for an unprecedented 3 straight years and to see just how close to 4 minute miling I can run with my team of huskies!In 2014 I want to race Western States 100.

My Favorite Zensah Product:

I wear Zensah leg and arm sleeves as well as compression socks when racing and training. If I had to choose one favorite item, it would be the arm sleeves. Their versatility is brilliant. Many of my very long ultra races involve running in hot and cold temperatures and in all weather conditions. When wearing the arm sleeves I can roll them down when it is hot, or pull them up when it is cold. They are very easy to put on (and off) making it very quick to replace them with a warm dry pair if the weather is particularly wet. I also love the variety of colors, which allow me to color co-ordinate with my other running apparel.

Since wearing Zensah compression I have found that my recovery time between races has improved and I experience very little muscle soreness after a very hard training session.

If I Could Have One Super Power:

The ability to fly. I would take to the skies and fly with the eagles, looking down on the world from above. The ability to fly would also help me when running with huskies in the mud and they decide that they are going to chase a rabbit…..