What is the difference between the Compression Leg Sleeves (Item #6055), the Shin Splint/Calf Compression Sleeve (Item #6045), and the Ultra Compression Leg Sleeves (Item #6057)?

The compression leg sleeves and shin splint/calf compression sleeve are the same great product. The only difference is in the quantity. The compression leg sleeves (item #6055) are sold in a pair - i.e. two sleeves in total. The shin splint/calf compression sleeve (item #6045) is sold as a single unit - i.e. only one sleeve. The ultra compression leg sleeves are similar to these two products, except they do have more compression and therefore provide a tighter fit. Most people who are new to compression tend to prefer the compression leg sleeves over the ultra compression leg sleeves.

How do I wear the leg sleeves?

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Your products do not feel as tight as some other brands I’ve tried. Am I getting enough compression?

In the world of compression, more is not necessarily better. Too much compression can restrict blood flow, casing adverse effects. Realizing this, Zensah has created their apparel with the optimal amount of compression to serve the needs of athletes. Even though you may not feel it, our products are working to ensure you perform at your best and recover quickly.

Do I need to know mmHg level?

No! Zensah products are produced with athletes in mind. The mmHg level of each product is designed to enable our athletes to perform at their best. Our products are created with the knowledge that too much compression generates diminishing returns while too little compression results in the muscles not getting enough oxygenated blood flow. Additionally, the Zensah® running compression socks are the first and only sock to incorporate ProGrade Compression which is the optimal amount of compression to enhance an athlete's performance.

How do I wash my Zensah Apparel / What are the washing instructions?

Zensah Fabric® is not only the most comfortable sports fabric in the world, it's also durable. Our innovative fibers and yarns will last through hard training. However, Zensah® products still needs to be taken care of. Ideal care for Zensah® apparel is machine wash cold and delicate machine dry.

Won't the additional layer of Zensah Apparel make me feel hot?

No! Zensah Apparel contains moisture wicking technology and remarkable silver ions which keep you warm in cold weather, yet dry when you perspire.

When should I wear Zensah products?

Many Zensah products can be worn before activity for to activate muscles, during activity to improve performance, and after activity to aid in recovery. There are, however, some products that are intended solely for recovery purposes. Please refer to the individual product pages for more product specific information.

How often do I need to replace my leg sleeves and compression socks?

The life of the product depends on usage. Just like a pair of running shoes, the life of Zensah leg sleeves and compression socks varies with the amount of miles you put on them. Based on typical usage, you should expect them to last about 6-8 months. It’s recommended that if it has been 6 months since your last pair of new leg sleeves or socks, you order a new pair to ensure you are receiving the optimal amount of compression.

Why does it say your products are seamless if they have a seam?

Seamless refers to the special machines and process used to create our innovative Zensah fabric. Seamless machines are used to manufacture the items as opposed to the traditional cut and sow method. While there is a seam where the ends of the item are joined together, there are not any stitched lines. Therefore, Zensah products are considered seamless by industry standards.

How long can Zensah products be worn at a time?

Our products can safely and comfortably be worn for multiple hours at a time. However, if for any reason you do feel discomfort or experience negative effects from wearing our products, please remove them immediately.

What are your products made of?

All products are made from Zensah fabric. Please refer to the individual product listing for more detailed information about what each product is composed of.

Where is Zensah made?

The majority of Zensah products are made in either the United States or Italy.

Who Wears Zensah?

Athletes around the world wear Zensah. From cycling, to running, to basketball, Zensah is seen across numerous sports. Some athletes include: Jeff Galloway, Joe Friel, Dick Beardsely, and many more!

What size am I?

All of our products have a sizing chart on their respective pages. We offer sizing using various factors such as calf circumference, height, shoe size, and biceps size depending on the product. Please refer to the individual product pages for more specific sizing information.

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How do I return / exchange my purchase?

We want your purchasing experience to be the best with Zensah. We can exchange or refund your purchase as long as it is returned within 30 days. All you need to do is send back your purchase with the picking ticket that was sent with your order. If you don’t have your picking ticket available, you can include your order number instead. If you would like an exchange let us know what item you would like. If you would like to return your purchase, please let us know the reason for your return. Once the return/exchange is received, it is usually processed within 1-2 business days.

Send Exchanges & Returns to:
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What is the difference between the high compression bottoms (tights, shorts, capris) and base layer compression bottoms?

The high compression bottoms, which include the high compression shorts, high compression tights, and high compression capris, feature a high level of compression compared to the base layer compression bottoms. The base layer compression bottoms are designed for those seeking mild compression during activity. The high level compression bottoms are for those seeking a greater level of compression during activity and specifically for recovery purposes.

Does Zensah ship to international locations?

Yes we ship to international locations and have a flat rate fee of $20 for USPS Priority Mail International service which is an approximate 10 day business day service (as per USPS average times but varies based on country and location). For orders to Australia, please order from http://www.zensah.com.au/