Plantar Fasciitis Compression Ankle Sleeve

What causes plantar fasciitis?
Plantar fasciitis is caused by small tears in the plantar fascia due overuse. To relieve the pain, some may stretch excessively, which may lead to the fascia becoming even more irritated and inflamed. To effectively treat plantar fasciitis, you want to increase blood flow to help expedite the healing process, as well as lift and stabilize the plantar fascia.

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis
The Zensah Compression Ankle Support is an effective tool to help treat plantar fasciitis by providing targeted support to the plantar fascia, offering stabilization. The compression ankle sleeve helps to reduce swelling and eases heel pain. The compression technology found in each sleeve promotes blood flow and helps to speed along the healing process.

When to wear?
The Zensah Compression Ankle Sleeve may be worn during the day or while sleeping to help treat plantar fasciitis. The sleeve may also be worn while exercising.