What Others Are Saying

"Wow thanks!! I love the company, and will definitely continue to buy your products" Jenny

"I just wanted to say thank you for making a great product! I wear the compression leg sleeves for Cross Fit and they cured my shin splints. I also called Zensah and was very happy to speak to someone so quickly and easily." Ryan Noel

"I appreciate all that you have done for me this past week. It speaks volumes of great things about your company and again, thanks for all your help" Trey Harts

"I love my Zensah compression sleeves! I wore the calf compression sleeves for the Boston Marathon and my legs felt great during and after the marathon" Jeff Rizner

"I really appreciated the quality product that I purchased for a reasonable price for a change. I had strained my Calf 11 days prior to my half marathon race and was not sure what was going to work out best if I was going to even race at all. The sleeve worked out great! It helped me set a PB in the D.C. National Half Marathon. Thank you for making a quality product!" Craig Schmidt

"I absolutely love them and have most all of my running friends interested in buying them. They truly are the best running product I have come across since my Garmin! I'm already ordering my second pair a few days after buying the first." Laura Frey

"I would like to thank you for making such a great product. My daughter is a track sprinter in high school and developed bad shin splints. I researched and chose your product and am very glad I did. With your product and some increased stretching, my daughter is back on the track in just one week. She wears the sleeves everyday. Thank you very much." Don Reffitt

"After injury or surgery, compression is a key factor to help reduce swelling and promote healing. Zensah compression products work as a great alternative to traditional medical compression products as Zensah products are much more durable, comfortable and visually appealing as they come in a variety of colors." Melissa Racouillat, Physical Therapist and Ultra Runner

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