Full Leg Compression Sleeve

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Originally developed by the engineers at Zensah for use by professional basketball players, the Full Leg Compression Sleeve gives the benefits of compression across the full length of the leg. Zensah’s Full Compression Leg Sleeve can be used during all activities and sports from running, basketball, HIIT, cycling, crossfit, traveling, and more. The Full Leg Compression Sleeve can also be worn after activity as the perfect recovery leg sleeve.

 * Full Leg Sleeve is sold as a single unit, to purchase a pair, you must purchase a quantity of 2

  • Full leg compression from thigh to ankle
  • Calf support and injury prevention for full leg
  • Improved circulation and faster muscle recovery
  • Sun and UV Protection
  • Moisture wicking and anti-odor


  • Enhanced blood circulation as a result of improved venous return. This means that deoxygenated blood goes back to the heart faster to improve blood flow of oxygen-rich blood.
  • Graduated compression:Helps circulation and reduces swelling as well as recovery time between workouts.
  • Faster recoveryfollowing strenuous exercise by aiding in the removal of blood lactate through improved circulation.
  • Moisture wicking and breathable:Special yarns help to ensure an optimal body temperature while preventing the build up of perspiration.
  • Reduced muscle oscillation and vibration upon ground contact, providing stability to the muscle to help prevent micro-trauma, resulting in a faster and easier recovery.
  • Increased muscle support and efficiency which increases performance 
  • Improved leg power and vertical jump power through enhanced proprioception.


  • Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, delicate tumble dry no-heat
  • Contents:59% Nylon/32% Lycra Spandex/9% FIR Nylon
  • Made in Taiwan