Heat Recovery Socks

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Did you know that icing sore muscles after a workout or an injury actually delays  recovery?

Applying heat to sore muscles is the best way to speed up recovery. Unlike ice, which constricts blood vessels making it harder for your body to heal, heat expands them improving blood flow to the damaged tissue.

The Heat Recovery Socks provide gentle heating to the muscles to help you recover faster and get back on your feet.

Technologically advanced yarns convert body heat into Far Infrared Rays (FIR), which deliver deep, gentle heating to aching muscles.


  • HEAT for Recovery: Instead of using outdated methods of ice for recovery and repair, heat stimulates muscles to repair faster.
  • FIR Technology: Our advanced proprietary yarn absorbs the thermal energy of the human body and emits it back toward the muscles in the form of FIR providing deep, gentle heating. The gentle heat emitted by the fibers invigorates, energizes, and revitalizes the body.
  • Compression for Recovery: Light and gentle compression makes it easier to take on and offers support to transition from workout to recovery mode
  • Antibacterial: a mineral additive in the fabric helps keep these socks odor free
  • Anatomical Fit: Designed specifically for the left and right foot to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Materials: 44% Nylon / 38% FIR Nylon / 18% Spandex
  • Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, delicate tumble dry low
  • Made in Israel

How Heat & FIR Technology Works for Better Recovery