Ultra Compression Women's Recovery Leggings

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Shorten muscle recovery time and maximize performance with the Ultra Compression Women's Recovery Leggings. Decrease your amount of fatigue after workouts with ankle to hip compression to maximize circulation for improved recovery. Its premium-quality material is super light and breathable, moisture-wicking and anti-odor to keep you performing continuously. 

Whether you're using compression leggings for recovery, running, strength training or any fitness activity, the Ultra Compression Women's Recovery Leggings for women will provide all athletes superior muscle stabilization for an increase in performance making them the best recovery tight for athletes. 

⭐Named Best Women's Running Compression Leggings by Runner's World

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  • Muscle-mapped ribbing and graduated compression helps stimulate the muscles, reduce swelling and promote a faster muscle recovery
  • Compression leggings provides support to legs, quads, hamstrings, knee and thighs during any activity
  • Seamless construction maximized mobility while minimizing chafing
  • Comfortable and breathable fabric
  • Moisture wicking and anti-odor
  • Improves muscle recovery time and injury prevention

Ultra Compression Women's Recovery Leggings is also available for Men 

  • Why Compression Leggings? Compression tights help to stabilize leg muscles to prevent injury and improve circulation, which leads to improved performance and decrease muscle recovery.muscles.
  • Who should wear compression leggings? Runners and all women athletes looking to take their workout and training to the next level. 
  • Should I wear underwear with the compression leggings? The women's compression tights may be worn with or without underwear - it is a personal preference.