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    Athlete Spotlight
    Kara Goucher
    - Elite Runner, 2-time Olympian, Mom.

    About Kara

    Kara Goucher’s running career boasts a bronze medal in the 10,000 meter World Championships and third place at her marathon debut in New York City. She has also competed at two Olympics including 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the 2012 Olympics in London.

    "Zensah has been an important part of my recovery and comeback,” says Kara Goucher. “I believe they make an excellent product, but more importantly, I believe in the people at the company. After receiving a pair of the compression sleeves, I was impressed with the quality and technology, and I reached out to Zensah to learn more. I absolutely love the compression socks and calf sleeves. But surprisingly, my favorite Zensah product has become the compression tights.”

    “When I go out for a second run,” says Goucher, “I typically wear some compression socks or sleeves. I sleep in compression tights or shorts a few days a week when I feel a little tight or beat up. I wake up the next day with my legs feeling recovered and ready to go. I truly believe they have helped me return to difficult training and enabled me to recover from all the pounding I’m putting my body through."

    Goucher is now living in Boulder, Colorado and training. She also hopes to compete to make another Olympic team. After dealing with multiple injuries including a stress fracture in her foot, sacrum and pelvis, Kara Goucher is ready to make a comeback! At Zensah, we are very excited that she will be wearing our compression products in her comeback from injuries.