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Nurse Compression Socks

Zensah’s Nurse Compression Socks are designed to provide nurse’s legs and feet with much needed relief. The nurse compression socks feature graduated compression, meaning there is a greatest amount of compression in the ankle and less in the calf area. This helps to improve circulation and keeps nurse’s legs feeling great during a 12 hour shift.  The compression socks also help to relieve restless leg syndrome and decrease the appearance of varicose veins.

Unlike traditional compression stockings for nurses, the Zensah Nurse Compression Socks come in many different colors and offer nurses a fun alternative. No longer are nurses looking for the benefits of compression socks restricted to beige and white. Nurse compression socks by Zensah come in over 6 different colors. For nurses looking for compression with even more style, there are also argyle compression socks available.

Be sure to try the best knee high compression socks for nurses today and keep your legs feeling fresh during long shifts.

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