Grit 2.0 Running Socks No Show

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The Grit 2.0 Running Socks No Show now feature even more Merino Wool & Polypropylene to provide superior wicking properties, flexibility and warmth. This helps ensure that even through the grittiest & muddiest trails, your feet stay dry and protected.

Merino Wool is one of the most functional, natural fabrics you can find. Not only can merino wool help you keep warm in a cold environment, it's unique ability to absorb moisture while still providing breathability means it can also be used in a warm environment. It also provides natural anti-odor properties, keeping your feet smelling as fresh as they'll feel. 
  • Hexo-Padded™ Technology - proprietary padding reduces impact and provides abrasion resistance
  • Polycolon Fiber - engineered to provide superior moisture wicking and keep your feet dry
  • Targeted Arch Support - provides compression to arch and plantar fascia
  • No-Show Look (two tab), 200 Needle Count, Seamless Toe, and Anatomical Fit - for durable, denser, and better fitting socks
  • Temperature Regulating Fine Merino Wool - keeps you warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat
  • Lifetime Guarantee