Grit Running Socks (Quarter)

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Sporty Blue 3 Pack
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The Grit Running Socks ™ feature a fine Merino Wool & Polypropylene blend to provide superior wicking properties. This helps ensure that even through the grittiest & muddiest trails, your feet stay dry and protected.

  • Hexo-Padded™ Technology - proprietary padding reduces impact and provides abrasion resistance
  • Polycolon Fiber - engineered to provide superior moisture wicking and keep your feet dry
  • Targeted Arch Support - provides compression to arch and plantar fascia
  • 200 Needle Count, Seamless Toe, and Anatomical Fit - for durable, denser, and better fitting socks
  • Temperature Regulating Fine Merino Wool - keeps you warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat
  • Lifetime Guarantee