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    A review of Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves by Chuck "MarathonJunkie" Engle

    September 26, 2013 2 min read

    How Chuck "MarathonJunkie" Engle uses Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

    Like many of you, I have suffered the debilitating pain associated with stress fractures and shin splints. And, like many of you, I do not abide by the rules that my doctor attempts to enforce with stern words to prevent or heal such issues. "NO RUNNING FOR 3 WEEKS" is not an answer I accept.


    Several years ago I learned that there are significant forces that occur while running. It's not only gravity but the twisting of your lower leg muscles and bones that put an enormous stress on ligaments and tendons. These forces can be absorbed over short periods of time. The length of a race, individual preparation, hills, uneven surfaces, and even hard surfaces like cement and asphalt can dramatically increase the ill-effects of these forces. The areas of the lower leg can swell and clog with waste materials from thousands of micro traumas.  If this waste is not expelled it can cause a cascade of signals to be sent to the body that will only further the inflammation process and lengthen what should be a speedy recovery.

    My running has been dramatically improved by increasing the circulation in my lower leg muscles and helping to support the muscles, ligaments and tendons against the shear forces that occur while running. With an average of twenty-five marathons per year over the last decade at sub 2:50 pace I am thankful for such knowledge.  Zensah compression sleeves have been my solution for over 200 of my 300 plus marathons. They provide a graduated compression that helps blood circulate though the lower leg and provide stability when the muscles fatigue and begin to wear down from the shock and impact of pounding endless mileage on the road and trail. To further propagate the recovery process I wear them post race and even while traveling to increase circulation while flying or driving for long hours in between races.  In a day where runners want to RUNMORE with less time between races it's great to have a single product that can help prevent injury and lessen recovery time.

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