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    5 Best Ways to Relieve Arch Pain

    Many of us experience Plantar Facsiitis, heel and arch pain; especially during exercise. Here are some quick tips to help alleviate your pain and achieve your goals!

    About the arch: The arch of your foot is comprised of the metatarsal and tarsal bones along with supporting tendon and ligaments.  The posterior tibialis is responsible for maintaining a healthy, supportive arch during all activities & exercise .The posterior tibialis tendon is a muscle that originates behind your shinbone, runs inside your ankle, and attaches to many of the tarsal bones inside your arch. Your arch has to support the entire weight of your body hence it can affect other areas of the foot and even your legs and back.  (Source) 

    1. Orthotics

    Orthotics will ease the stress on your posterior tibialis tendon by supporting your arch and stabilizing the heel. These can be purchased over the counter as suggested by Runner’s World or customized by a certified podiatrist.

    1. Cold Therapy

    Cold temperatures will alleviate arch discomfort by reducing the blood flow to that spot. Less blood flow corresponds to reduced inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain. A great trick for your arch is to freeze a water bottle and roll it on your arch.

    1. Zensah Arch Support Sleeves
      Zensah Arch Support Sleeves
      Zensah Arch Support Sleeves

    The Zensah Arch Support is designed to help support weak and flat arches. It does so with targeted compression that helps to soothe heel, arch, and foot pain. The compression arch sleeve helps support and lift the arch by anchoring it to the dorsal (upper) area of the foot.

    1. Stretch and Strengthen Your Muscles 

    Strengthen your tibialis posterior so it can better support your arch and stretch your Achilles tendon to ease tension. Calf raises are a great way to strengthen the tibialis posterior while the wall stretch is a great way to stretch the Achilles tendon.

    1. Wear the Right Pair of Shoes 

    The right pair of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to foot and arch pain. Make sure your shoes are properly fitted and have adequate insole support. You can go into your local running store to make sure you have the right fit.

    If after wearing compression and following these other tips, pain persists without relief, make sure to see a podiatrist for professional treatment!

    Zensah® Athletes to Compete in U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track and Field

    Zensah Athletes Looking to Go to Rio Range from Long and High Jumpers to Hurdlers.

    Zensah®, the premium athletic apparel brand, announced today that several athletes including Garrett Huyler, Norris Frederick, and Jarret Eaton will represent Zensah® at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track and Field at historic Hayward Field in Eugene, OR taking place from July 1-10.


    “We are thrilled that Zensah® will have more athletes competing for a trip to Rio than ever before,” stated Ryan Oliver, Director of Marketing. “We are proud to be associated with our Olympic hopefuls.”

    Some of the athletes competing for Zensah® and wearing Zensah® compression products include NCAA All- American Long Jumper Norris Frederick, High Jumper Garrett Huyler, and Hurdler Jarret Eaton.


    Zensah®  Compression Socks, Recovery  Compression Tights, and other compression products, combined with hard work, played a pivotal role in helping these athletes prepare for the Olympic trials. Zensah’s unique compression technology helps athletes perform better and recover faster.

    About Zensah: Zensah® is a Miami-based company specializing in sports compression apparel. Their products are used by Olympians, professionals, and amateurs alike. Zensah’s unique knitting technology combined with premium raw materials work together to create premium compression technology. Zensah® compression products can be found in specialty stores around the globe.

    5 Great Foods to Enhance Recovery

    After a workout your muscles are taxed and hungry for muscle building nutrients. Putting the right foods in your body is vital for repairing damaged muscle and restocking your glycogen stores so you can be ready to work out the next day. Here are some clean and healthy foods we suggest eating after a workout to ensure a speedy recovery. Your muscles will thank you!


    1. Eggs - 


    Eggs are one of the best complete protein sources out there and will help you repair damaged muscle after a workout. They also provide an excellent mix of B vitamins, including thiamin, riboflavin, folate, B12, and B6. Hard-boiled eggs make a convenient and portable snack.

    2. Sweet Potatoes - 


    Just one serving of sweet potatoes has 450 mg of potassium. They also have carotenoids, which give the vegetable its orange color and aid in cell repair. At the same time the fiber in their skin keeps you feeling full. Sweet potatoes are  starchy vegetables whose carbs will help restock your energy stores so you can get back at it the next day.

    3, Greek Yogurt - 


    Greek yogurt has double the protein per serving of regular yogurt and is also a good source of carbohydrates. The mixture of whey and casein protein gives you both slow and fast digesting protein for optimal recovery.

    4. Whole Grain Pasta - 


    Unlike white pasta, whole grain pasta contains all 3 components of the wheat seed: the endosperm, germ, and bran. This gives your body slow digesting carbohydrates, fiber, and some protein.  Whole grain pasta is also a source ofalso has iron, which is vital for oxygen transportation.

    5. Almonds - 


    Almonds are a great source of antioxidants and healthy Omega-6 fats. These will help raise your levels of healthy HDL cholesterol while lowering your levels of LDL cholesterol. Almonds also have riboflavin (B12) which is essential for producing oxygen-based energy during workouts.

    Jason Romero, Running 3,200 Miles Blind

    Zensah Ambassador Jason Romero embarked on an epic journey on March 24. He plans to cover 3,246 miles in 64 days. His epic journey started in Santa Monica, CA and ends in Boston, MA. Jason suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa. This has not stopped him from being an Ultra-Marathon winner, multiple Ironman finisher and part of Team USA's Paralympics team.

    Jason Romero
    Jason Romero

    Jason is running across the country to help raise funds and awareness for the needs of the blind. He aims to help improve statistics such as: an average unemployment rate of 70%, an obesity rate of 66%, and a depression rate double that of the general public.

    Please help us share his story with the millions that can find inspiration in his incredible feat:

    Thanks to, you can follow his progress:

    Kara Goucher’s Visit to Zensah HQ

    At the end of February, we had the pleasure of hosting Kara Goucher here in Miami.

    Kara spent most of the morning meeting the team and learning a bit more about what being part of Team Zensah is all about. We then decided to put her to work and made her the Zensah customer service rep for a half hour. Once people found out through Twitter, the phone lines started going crazy. Fans were even skeptical when she picked up the phone, and they didn’t know what to say!


    The team also went over some product design with Kara & her assistant, who was quite hard to impress and very rigorous in his testing.


    “Everyone has been so friendly, it really does feel like a family!” – Kara Goucher

    Zensah & Runner’s Depot Davie also hosted a Meet & Greet with Kara. Over 200 people showed up to meet one of the running world’s most popular characters.  Runners of all levels were able to ask questions, learn from Kara and get their pictures with her.


    Zensah also invited some of South Florida’s influential runners to partake in a photo shoot along with Kara at the beautiful South Pointe Park in South Beach. Albeit a bit colder than usual for Miami, the weather was sunny and everyone was all-smiles during the shoot. The only complaint from the runners/models was that they were not getting to run enough!


    We’re glad that we were able to bring Kara down here and get her to share with our community and see a bit of what it’s like to be a runner in South Florida. Hopefully we’re able to do more events with her and South Florida’s running community soon!