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Our Technology
  • Ultra-Zone Ribbing

  • Advanced Knitting

  • Arch Support

  • 200 Needle

  • Chevron Ribbing

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    Who We Are


    We are Zensah


    We are Zensah. We are a compression and sports apparel brand that strives to revolutionize the way athletes, of all kinds, achieve and perform. As a pioneer in the industry of compression technology since 2004, our brand lives where innovation and design meet. Our brand name is derived from the Italian word "SENZA" - meaning “to be without" - because we believe athletes should be without limits. This is our ethos and at our core, we enable athletes to unlock their limitless potential through cutting edge products and effective benefits.

    Performance Drives Us

    We strive to meet athletes where they are in their athletic journey. Are you a beginner runner looking to maximize your workout session or a high performing athlete looking to gain minutes off your marathon time? We’ve got you covered. We seek to use innovation for the greater good of athletes, allowing those who love to move to move more, go farther, and perform #withoutlimitz.

    Compression is Our Foundation

    Using compression and seamless construction as a foundation, we bring to life exciting products for every aspect of your athletic journey. From improved circulation to pain relief & recovery, our products will fit your athletic goals and aspirations, whatever they may be.

    Self Expression x Innovative Design

    With our celebrated Limited Edition program, you can have your leg sleeves and socks in a range of timely, lively, and eye-catching novelty designs. There is always a Zensah design to match your personality, mood, or the holiday season.

    We are Limitless, the Environment is Not

    We are committed to our planet. We're incorporating more and more recycled and sustainable materials into every product we make. Also, Zensah’s Seamless manufacturing process is an “additive” rather than “subtractive” process. We make the garments by adding materials until we have them completed, instead of making excessive fabric and cutting out what we need. What are the results? Let’s put it into perspective: for every 1000 pairs of seamless leg sleeves produced, we save 125 kg of fabric waste over typical manufacturing processes. We're striving for sustainability. We're striving for a better future.

    Support You Can Count On

    We will work tirelessly to ensure you have a great experience with Zensah. Our Zensah Family takes pride in our carefully designed and rigorously tested products, but we are constantly searching for breakthrough ways to improve. Want to learn more about our technology? Need a product recommendation? Or just want to say how happy you are with your new Zensah items? Reach out to us! We'll be happy to hear from you!
    Customer Service Line: 305-935-4619
    Email: customer@zensah.com