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    What are the best products for shin splints?

    February 23, 2024 4 min read

    What are the best products for shin splints?

    Image by @kwsher512

    When considering what the best products for shin splints would be, we thought it best to take YOUR recommendations. We know the Zensah community is filled with runners who deal with shin splints on a daily basis. We love hearing that compression has helped with shin splints issues, relief from shin splints from running, and can also act as a treatment for shin splints in general. 

    But if you're new to Zensah (or shin splints), you may not know where to begin and how to get shin splints relief and shin splints recovery that will help you get back to and keep moving! All of our reviews are real reviews. These are customers (just like you!) explaining what product has helped them, why, and other helpful details. We decided to group the reviews by product so you can can quickly review what item might work best for you!

    What Customers are saying about the Calf Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

    "BEST OF THE BEST. If you are looking for a great compression sleeve for shin splints, I highly recommend. I have purchased multiple for myself through the years and for all my family. Don't waste your money and purchase another brand, you will regret it. ZENZAH, is the only brand worth it. - Ilene Weist"

    "LOVE these leg compression sleeves! So cute and comfortable without being overly restrictive. The best compression sleeves to help with shin splints. - Ashly Galownia"

    "AMAZING!! I love my Zensah compression sleeves! They keep my legs safe & healthy during runs (prevent shin splints/cramps) and are great for recovery! Fun designs, true to size..and made in the USA! - Victoria Harkenrider"

    "AWESOME! Zensah has the best compression sleeves around! All of the solid colors and designs are awesome! I have not had shin splints in years, and they really just keep your body feeling good. I never run without them, and these are great to wear for recovery after a long run! Love them!!"

    "I am a tennis player and I suffer from shin splints after running track for some time in elementary school and middle school. Zensah’s product works it was very comfortable and I had no pain when running on court and no pain when I was doing I was able to move however way I wanted. The only negative about this product I would have to to say it’s durability after being put in a washer and dryer the material would easily rip when it’s tried to be put on the calf. Other than that the product was great and I am looking forward to buying so many more products and maybe even a sponsorship. Keep it up zensah!!! - Kayon John"

    Shop it HERE!


    What Customers are saying about the Shin Splints Calf Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

    "AMAZING COMFORT. It is amazing I can run with shin splints it’s good in general thank you. - Marcos Laurencio"

    "DID THE JOB! My daughter is a sprinter/hurdler/high jumper in high school. She previously had shin splints and she has had no further issues since receiving this product. She says they help her with her performance. - Amy Autrey"

    "NO MORE SHIN SPLINTS. I got these after dealing with shin splints to prevent them from coming back. So far they’ve worked perfectly; no shin pain at all. - Angela Knoblock"

    "DESERVES 10 STARS. Cannot rate this highly enough. I have used the same pair of lime green sleeves for 7 years and they still work as perfectly as the first time. While I am not a runner, I get shin splints often enough to use these nearly once a week. They relieve aches immediately after putting them on. Recently, they have gotten even more use while recovering from a knee injury to help clear drainage. They compress the same while wearing them 3-5 times between washes, show no wear and tear (7 years!!), show the same vibrant color after all this time, and work whether wearing them for an hour or overnight. I could wear them 3 days straight and not have them become uncomfortable. I have recommended these to friends, family, strangers on social media, and my physical therapist. Truly excellent design that works every time at an amazing price point. - Natalie Tremblay"

     Shop it HERE!


    What Customers are saying about the Featherweight Calf Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

    "AMAZING. They protected my shins so well! I have really bad shin splints and they have helped so much keeping them compressed. I highly recommend these! - Lindsay Colflesh"

    "ALWAYS RELIABLE. I purchased another brand only to return them and return to the ever reliable brand Zenzah. I have always used your brand and will NEVER switch again. They are they only ones that truly alleviate shin splints."

     Shop it HERE! 



    What Customers are saying about Zensah Compression Socks for Shin Splints

    "These are a necessity for RECOVERY. I have five pairs of these. I run ultramarathons and these are the best and the most necessary. for recovery from the abuse I do to my legs. Relieve pain from shin splints and ankle pain. - Barb Mackey"

    "I've been wearing Zensah compression sleeves to prevent shin splints for about 9 years. I never wear socks when I run, however my new pair of Nike's gave me some minor irritation. I was a little worried about how these would fit, especially in a shoe. But holy cow- these compression socks are so amazing! Have you ever felt like you were on a cloud? Because that's exactly how these feel. They fit a bit tighter on me than the compression sleeves. Great to wear for sprints, mid/long distance, and box jumps! I am a type 1 diabetic, and they help out tremendously with keeping the blood flowing, too."

    "I've been wearing Zensah compression sleeves to prevent shin splints for about 9 years. Great to wear for sprints, mid/long distance, and box jumps! I am a type 1 diabetic, and the compression sleeves help out tremendously with keeping the blood flowing. Thanks to that, I always wear when traveling. I also love wearing these for my competitive volleyball league! The space nebula design is literally out of this world!"

      Shop it HERE! 




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