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    A Story of Finding Running…and Shin Splints

    May 22, 2014 2 min read

    I'm Lakeisha and 19 yrs of age...I run cross country as well as local 5k's. I was never much of an athlete growing up as I preferred spending my days reading book after book as well as exploring the outdoors. However my freshman year of high school a friend of mine asked me to join the Cross Country (CC) team with her so that is how my love for running began.

    Compression Leg Sleeves
    Compression Leg Sleeves

    Unfortunately though due to inadequate training and starting off running two miles my very first day and not being taught how to properly warm up and stretch, I developed shin splints within a month and was told to just run through them which resulted in stress fractures and anyone who has ever had them knows how debilitating those can be. So began the ice packs, the swelling, fever in both lower legs and barely able to walk much less run I still continued as I assumed I was just being weak. I was allowed to complete that season though and was always the last runner (which did nothing for my confidence lol). I was not aware nor told of proper stretches and exercises and had to take the next running season off and returned much wiser, stronger & more prepared as a runner my Junior year. I not only broke several PR's that year and by senior yr 1st place on my team. My junior year was the year that I found out about Zensah and bought my 1st pair of compression leg sleeves. Right off could tell a difference which helped me not only in CC but tennis as well as I joined that sport the same year.

    With the purchase of the compression leg sleeves and a now a devout believer in their ability to help heal from & prevent injury I have went on to purchase two more pair of them, a sports bra, compression tank top, knee compression, arm compression sleeves and two pair of the compression socks and a Zensah hat. As you can see I am sold on Zensah!!

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