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    Chicago Marathon Edition: Limitless Looks Like Kathleen Davis

    October 03, 2022 3 min read

    Chicago Marathon Edition: Limitless Looks Like Kathleen Davis

    We are officially less than one week away from one of the world's most prestigious marathons: The Chicago Marathon. This year's Windy City marathon is expecting  40,000 athletes. Amongst this enormous pool of athletes, there's a cohort of Zensah Ambassadors who are ready conquer the Chicago streets. Of course we had to spotlight a few of them, so meet Kathleen Davis!

    There's a first time for everything life, and this is not only Kathleen Davis' first time being featured in a blog post (we are grateful to feature her first), but is also the first time she'll be running the Chicago Marathon! Read on to know all obstacles (literally) Kathleen went through before getting to Chicago, and discover what being limitless really looks like!


    ZS: Describe yourself in two sentences:

    KD: I’m a vegan, competitive obstacle course racer who sometimes runs ultras, has a twin sister, and loves CrossFit.


    ZS: How did you get into running? Why do you run?

    KD: I started running in 2015 as training to pass the FBI Physical Fitness Test. While I ultimately decided this wasn’t the career path for me, running and fitness have been an important part of my life ever since. I run now for both enjoyment and competition, whether it’s through obstacle course racing, ultra-running, or a local trail 10k.

    Above: Kathleen in action at a Spartan Ultra

    ZS: Why are you running in the Chicago Marathon this year?

    KD: After a few years of competing in a lot of the same types of races, I decided in 2022 I would take on some different challenges. I’ve gotten back into ultra-running after finishing a Spartan Ultra in 2019, completing my first 50 miler in June. I’ve never run a road marathon before and while the Philadelphia Marathon is in my backyard, I like running in new places, so I entered the Chicago lottery and here we are.


    ZS: How's your training going? 

    KD: I have a coach, Aliyah Emas  (@league_of_xtraordinary_fitness).  We’ve been working together since the beginning of the year. She programs all my workouts, whether they be running, strength, conditioning, recovery, etc. With her guidance I’ve successfully completed another Spartan Ultra, a 50 miler and many obstacle course races. I’ve even won a few age group podiums.


    ZS: What advice do you have for fellow runners or those working towards marathon goals?

    KD: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek help. Work with a coach if you feel you need accountability or a more dialed-in training plan. Invest in a pair of decent running shoes that fit properly; there are plenty of ways to not pay full price for them. Regardless of how you approach your training, go into it with a plan and commit. Winging it probably isn’t the best strategy and you could be setting yourself up for injury or at the very least a tough day.

    Race day is a celebration of your hard work so don’t forget have fun and enjoy your experience!


    ZS: What are your Zensah must-have products? Why?

    KD: My favorite Zensah product is the  Women’s Reposah Recovery Shoes. They look incredibly stylish on your feet and are so comfortable. I’ve worn them post-race and while volunteering for 12 hours. I can’t recommend them enough.

    ZS: What is one quote you live by? Or a personal mantra? (can apply to running or life!) 

    KD: I’m not sure if it’s really a quote or mantra, but I like to tell myself that I can do hard things and I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself.


    ZS: What is your favorite place you’ve ever ran?

    KD: Shenandoah National Park


    ZS: What other hobbies do you love (in addition to running of course):

    KD: Obstacle course racing, snowboarding, bouldering (at the rock gym), hiking, yoga, spin. Does CrossFit count? ZS: Of course it does!


    ZS: Where can people find you? (on social media and at upcoming races in addition to Chicago!

    KD: You can find me on Instagram at  @kathleendavis04.  With regards to races after Chicago, I’m running a 35 hour ultra in Savannah, Georgia in January followed by Savage Race in Florida in March, and F.I.T. Challenge OCR Ultra in Rhode Island in April. I haven’t planned much of my 2023 schedule yet, but I know it’s going to include some obstacle course races and ultras I’m really excited about. 


    ZS: Zensah’s motto is #withoutlimitz meaning we want you to feel limitless in everything you do. Limitlessness can look different for every person. Limitless might look like finding balance, reaching goals, acing the race you have coming up, or manifesting your future. What does limitless look like for you? 

    KD: My limitless looks like defining success on my own terms. I don’t feel the need to compare myself to others.

    We’re all on our own journey and there’s plenty of room for everyone to crush their goals.


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