College and High School Cross Country Running

August 22, 2013 1 min read

What is Cross Country Running?

Cross country running is a sport where athletes races as individuals or teams and run over on terrain not a track. The average courses range from 2.5 – 8 miles long and run on grass, dirt, and usually a lot of hills. Both boys and girls participate in cross country running ranging from middle school all the way to college. High school cross country is a very popular school sport to participate in.

High School and College Cross Country Running
High School and College Cross Country Running

When is Cross Country season?
College and High School Cross Country season usually starts with the beginning of the school year. The middle school and high school running season ranges from August - November.

How can compression socks and sleeves benefit Cross Country runners?
Compression socks and compression sleeves help give runners muscle support in the foot, calf and shin in order to prevent injuries like calf strains, shin splints, and overall soreness. Running on different surfaces, trails, and hills can be tough on runner’s legs. This then leads to shin splints, leg pain, and other injuries. Many cross country runners wear the compression socks and compression leg sleeves during their training runs, competitions, and recovery. Both the compression leg sleeves and compression socks fit perfectly with today's most popular cross country shoes.

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