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    Essentials For Your Your Run That Fit In One Pocket!

    October 08, 2014 2 min read

    When fall starts, we add layers! One of our favorite layers for this fall are the Limitless Arm Warmers. These new compression arm warmers feature moisture wicking and odor preventing fabric. They also have a thumbhole for added hand and knuckle warmth. But our favorite aspect of the Limitless Arm Warmers is the side pocket to store your key running essentials. Below is a list of everything you could use the mesh side pocket to store. What are your running essentials?

    Limitless Arm Warmers
    Limitless Arm Warmers

    - Gel: Don't go hungry on your run! The right fuel is one of the most important things to keep in mind as you ramp up miles during marathon training. Use the pocket in the Limitless Arm Warmers to store gels, gummies, bars, or anything else you like to munch on.

    - House Keys: Tired of all your neighbors knowing your house key is under the front door mat? Now you can stash your house keys in the side pocket of the Limitless Arm Warmers and keep your front store locked and safe

    - Hair tie: When your hair tie breaks mid-run can be one of the most frustrating situations. Stash an extra on in the pocket of the Limitless Arm Warmers and don't worry about looking like your running in Bay Watch with your hair flowing free

    - Cell phone - For those of you that use apps like RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyRun etc, you can now put your phone in the arm warmer side pocket for storage

    - Music player like iPod: For those of us that can't run without music

    - ID, Credit Card, Cash: Always leave the house with an ID, credit card, and cash in case necessary to make a call, buy a snack, or anything else that may come up

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