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    Fortune Favors The Bold - Lizi Bolanos-Nauth

    October 28, 2019 2 min read

    Fortune Favors The Bold - Lizi Bolanos-Nauth

    "Fortune Favors The Bold" is a Zensah series featuring inspiring stories of athletes pushing their limits to achieve boldness.

    What is your definition of being bold?

    For me being bold is being fearless, courageous and unafraid. It's setting a goal and working to achieve it no matter what people tell you or how long, how hard or difficult it is to achieve. It's working to become what you want yourself to be.

    The Accident.

    In the mid 2000's I started bicycle racing. In August 2008, I participated in the Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont. On day 3 of the 4 day stage-race I suffered a catastrophic crash. I broke my helmet, two ribs, two fingers, my left scapula and my hip in three different places. I was in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks. I underwent surgery for my hip. During the surgery, my sciatic  nerve was bruised. When I woke up from surgery I couldn't move or feel my left foot.... I was devastated.

    The recovery was lengthy. I was in a wheelchair for three months. It took me a year to be able to walk. I was told I would never run again.

    athlete lizi bolanos wearing black zensah long sleeve shirt

    Five long years passed before I was able to start running. "Learning to run" and allowing my body to adapt to it has not been easy. It has been a bumpy journey, where I have learned to be patient in order to be consistent.

    Started from the bottom now I'm here.

    zensah athlete lizi bolanos

    I have found my home in trail running, especially running mountains 🙂. 

    On July 13th 2019, I completed my first 50K. I ran the Power of Four in Aspen Colorado, where I summited four peaks, climbed 9,800 feet and enjoyed every minute of it. 

    Zensah has been with me throughout this process. I've consistently used their compression apparel and accessories for improved performance and recovery. My favorites are my crew socks, calf sleeves and recovery tights.  

    Above all, Zensah has believed in me,. Their mission has always resonated with me. Sensa means "be without limits". This mantra has driven me to never stop and continue pushing through to become the best version of myself.


    Lizi's Top 3 Zensah Picks

    ✔️ 3D Traction Mini Crew Socks

    ✔️ Compression Leg Sleeves

    ✔️ Compression Recovery Tights

    Post written by: Lizi Bolanos-Nauth | IG @lizinauth

    Lizi Bolanos-Nauth is a Trainer Runner and we're proud to have her as a Zensah Ambassador!



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