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    How To Keep Hands Warm For Winter Running

    November 06, 2015 1 min read

    There are some basic rules for staying warm for winter running. 3 key things to keep in mind are layers you can peel off as you warm up, moisture wicking clothes that keep you dry, and good gloves and socks to protect your hands and feet! In addition to keeping your hands nice and warm, our Reflect Running Gloves have some pretty awesome features that make them perfect for winter running.
    1. Micro Suede Swipe Wipe Don’t let a runny nose ruin your run! We added a micro suede fabric to the thumb so you can swipe it all sway.
    1. Reflective Visibility [caption id="attachment_1071" align="alignnone" width="560"]Zensah Reflect Running Gloves Zensah Reflect Running Gloves[/caption] Winter running also means more chances of running in the dark. These gloves are available in high visibility colors and feature reflective panels for visibility.
    1. Smart Touch FingertipsDo you use your cell phone while running to play music or use apps like RunKeeper and Strava? The smart touch fingertips make it easy to keep using your phone without having to take gloves off on the run.
    1. Silicone Palm Gripper Get a good hold of everything including your phone, keys, doorknobs, or railings.
    1. Snap ClipJust like socks, it’s easy to lose glove pairs so we added a snap clip to make sure your gloves stay together you are not wearing them. If for any reason you get warm on you’re run (layering!), you can use the snap clip to hold the gloves around your waist or running belt.
    What is your favorite feature of the Reflect Running Gloves?

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