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How To Prevent Thigh & Groin Chafing When Running?

September 27, 2022 3 min read

How To Prevent Thigh & Groin Chafing When Running?

What do runners and babies have in common? Here’s a question no one has asked you before, but you probably have felt that red irritation on your thigh or groin. Even if you cannot remember, you definitely had it when you were a baby wearing diapers. This redness and rashes are very common on babies…and on runners. So, the answer is: chafing! Read on to know how to deal and avoid this common skin irritation that affects comfort and performance of many runners. 

What is Chafing & What Causes it?

Chafing is a  very common skin irritation  caused by the prolonged combination of friction and moisture. It could either happen by a constant rubbing of skin on skin, or skin on fabric. For instance, on babies: when the diaper gets wet and keeps rubbing to the thigh and groin with no airflow for a period of time. While on runners, also known as runners' rash, it is common especially during long-runs. Just like blisters, it can be caused by ill-fitting apparel that constantly rubs to your armpit. Along with apparels that are not the right fit, other factors can contribute to chafing on endurance athletes. They include: humidity, hot weather, sweat, non-breathable and non-moisture-wicking gear, and having a more sensible skin. In fact, there are places that can be more susceptible to this repetitive rubbing, and you probably already know which they are: armpit, inner-thighs, under breasts, and even the nipples. 

How to Treat Chafing? 

You get home after a 12 mile run and feel something is not right between your inner thighs, and there it is: that redness and arduous burn. Probably because you were not wearing the  Seamless Bike Shorts,  but that’s a problem for your next run. Don't worry, chafing between thighs is very common, but what should you do now? Treat it like a burn (or baby’s diaper rash), take a shower and clean the salty-sweat up, and yes, be prepared for some stinging. Followed by applying some  antibacterial cream containing zinc oxide,  and most importantly, learn how to  prevent chafing.  The first step is ditching these cotton shorts you ran with, along with reading the following tips.

3 Tips to Prevent Chafing When Running:  

  1. Light and right-fit layers: make sure apparels are neither too tight, nor too loose. That first feeling when you try a sports bra or shorts and think it’s too tight…believe it! If there’s any chance the apparel will bother you later, don’t bother buying it now. Make sure you feel 100% comfortable with it, and keep in mind the  weather you are running on. 
  2. Fabric and material matters: picking the right fabric products for runners makes a complete difference on avoiding irritation. For example, the  Seamless Running Sports Bra,  a  favorite because of its comfortable and seamless design to prevent chafing. It is also important to make sure to pick moisture-wicking and breathable materials, the more you let your skin breathe, the less chances of chafing.  Cotton might be the world’s favorite natural fiber;  however, not the runners’ favorite, as it is a chafing ally. By retaining sweat and moisture, it prevents your skin from breathing,  increasing the probability of friction and chafing.  Imagine being sustainable and the world’s favorite, and at the same time a runner’s favorite… we got you!   An additional tip would be to remove the tag, if you’re not paying attention to it right now, you may during a long run!
  3. Lotion up:According to the  American Academy of Dermatology,  by using vaseline for chafing,  such as Petroleum Jelly,  you can prevent friction and avoid rash. If you’re wondering what this “Petroleum Jelly'' is,” you probably already use it if you have lip balm. For example, you could apply some in your inner thighs to protect the area and even to help heal past chafing faster. 

Although it may seem very minor compared to the physical demand of running a marathon or heavy training, small things add up. Don’t let the chafing hold you back…be the one to hold chafing back! Now that you know that the right apparel is a game changer to prevent chafing, check outthe best activewearon earth and for earth (of course, we are limitless…the earth is not!)

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