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Kara Goucher’s Favorite Things about Track and Field

May 27, 2015 2 min read

You may be getting ready for your first track and field meet or training for a marathon doing speed work on the track. Now matter what takes you to the track, it’s plays a huge role in our running lives.

Spring marks the start of outdoor track and field season, so to celebrate we asked Kara Goucher to help us answer a few questions:

Kara Goucher
Kara Goucher

1. What is your favorite thing about Track and Field?

My favorite thing about track and field is seeing athletes with totally different talents coming together and appreciating each other in their own disciplines.  I love how the sprinters cheer the distance events, the distance events can cheer the throwers, and on and on.

2. One tip you want to share with track and field runners?

Take the time to watch and appreciate other disciplines.  It will make you and even bigger fan of the sport.

3. Is there another track and field sport you have always wanted to try? Which?

I have always loved watching the 400 meters and the pole vault.  The 400 is a dramatic race, which unfolds over the course of one lap, it is so exciting!

The pole vault is a crazy event.  You have to trust your pole and yourself as you vault yourself up in the air.  It's an event for the fearless - which is why I don't do it!


We’ll be celebrating Track and Field for the coming months. Make sure to stop by your local running store for Spike Nights and keep sharing your favorite things about Track and Field with us! Tag us @zensah on Twitter and Instagram so we can cheer you on. May this season be #withoutlimitz

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