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    Limitless Looks Like Shopping Small Business

    November 30, 2022 2 min read

    Limitless Looks Like Shopping Small Business

    It's not only the Saturday after Thanksgiving (and Black Friday)...it's Small Business Saturday! Also known as the day to encourage you to support local businesses, but how did this come upon? According to Forbes, "following the arrival of COVID and the resulting pandemic-related shutdowns, consumers made an effort to further support the businesses in their area. This spirit is continuing even as the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us. "

    As you probably know, Zensah is a small business, and we work along amazing small businesses around the country that we would love to showcase. Read on to meet some of our partners, and let's show them some love! 

    What are you grateful for this holiday season? 

    I'm grateful that my daughter and I had made plans to go to Europe before I made the decision to open my own venture. If I hadn't done that, I would have buckled down hard to open the store before the holiday rush, and this way I can relax and open when I know it's the right time. I'm doing this because my daughter and my life mean more to me than a job. - Kevin Staples, Owner and Founder of North Coast Runners (Opening in 2023)


    This holiday season, we are grateful for our community, customers and friends!  There have been many changes and lots of pivoting in the last two years, but we are thriving because of their support and commitment to shopping local. - Kara Iwaskiewicz, Manager of Runners Depot of Vero Beach 

    What do your customers love about Zensah?

    We sell the Zensah Compression Bra - our customers adore the fit, the performance and the comfort.  It is a go-to, core staple in our store - and a bra that people come back for over and over again.  - Ferrall Dietrich, Owner Core 72

    What do you love about Zensah (working with us, our products etc!)

    Such a lovely and easy company to work with - products are always available and every interaction I have had with Zensah has been above and beyond.  - Ferrall Dietrich, Core 72
    I've run every marathon with Zensah, and worn the recovery socks for a few days after each race. I believe that the recovery time is greatly reduced by using your products. - Kevin Staples, Owner and Founder of North Coast Runners (Opening in 2023)

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