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    New York City Marathon: New Running T-Shirts Are In!

    October 11, 2013 1 min read

    End of September marks the start of marathon season. World major marathons like Berlin, Chicago, Marine Corps, and New York City come soon after. This marks the end of summer training and the start of fall racing.  This is the time when many runners will take on their first marathon or go for a new race PR.


    As anyone who has run or aspires to run a marathon knows, it is not an easy feat. Training and racing for a marathon takes a lot of time and dedication. After all the effort put in, runners deserve to treat themselves and brag about their accomplishments.

    We are now just a few weeks away from the 2013 New York City Marathon. After last years race was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy, the 2013 race promises to be a big draw. There are about 40,000 plus runners every year that race the NYC Marathon, half of which come from abroad.

    Our goal is a company is to make products that help athletes achieve (or in this case brag) their goals. That’s why we decided to make running shirts for this year’s NYC Marathon. The shirts feature 26.2, the love of running, a reflective New York City skyline, and most importantly, a reminder to be happy while running. The shirts are ultra breathable, made with moisture wicking fabric, and great for all running and fitness activities.

    Good luck this marathon season!

    Click here to shop Men's NYC shirts. Click here to shop Women's NYC Running Shirts.

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