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    PRESS RELEASE: Zensah Signs NBA Player Justin Holiday for First-Ever Partnership

    March 25, 2021 4 min read

    PRESS RELEASE: Zensah Signs NBA Player Justin Holiday for First-Ever Partnership


    MIAMI FL, THURSDAY MARCH 25TH, 2021– Zensah, a leading pioneer of seamless compression sportswear for over 16 years, is announcing a new partnership with NBA player Justin Holiday, releasing today. Zensah has long been an innovator in the field of athletic apparel and strives to help all athletes perform without limits. The brand has used the most cutting-edge technology on the market to assist in performance and recovery and was one of the founding labels producing seamless sportswear at the genesis of the technology. Zensah’s established presence as a technological originator has built the brand a devoted consumer base, many of which are professional athletes, like Holiday himself.

    In many ways, Holiday’s career arc mirrors that of Zensah: working tirelessly for every success, despite challenges, obstacles, and doubts. His difficult path to success is an inspiration to all athletes, who know too well the need to persevere and persist to triumph. Despite going undrafted in the 2011 NBA Draft and starting his career overseas, Holiday persevered and made it to the NBA through hard work and relentless determination, eventually becoming an NBA champion in 2015. He currently is starting at shooting guard for the Indiana Pacers, where he’s confirming his place as a leader in the NBA with his exceptional game play. Holiday will serve as the new face of Zensah, becoming the first ever NBA professional partner for the legacy brand. The Justin Holiday X Zensah inaugural collection released on March 25th on Zensah.com. 

    Holiday has chosen Zensah performance apparel for years, explaining: "I have used Zensah products throughout my athletic career and the brand has helped me perform at the highest level on the court.” To highlight Holiday’s essential products, Zensah has formulated a specific collection of his personal favorites. The collection includes compression base layer tights, made in Italy with premium anti-odor and moisture wicking fabric that stabilize muscles without chafing or overheating, even during the intense activity of an NBA game. The assortment also features Zensah’s newest recovery technology, the Heat Recovery Socks, which uses Far Infrared technology to provide gentle heating to sore muscles, improving blood oxygenation and speeding up recovery. The partnership between Holiday and Zensah will center on some of Zensah’s major brand campaigns, recovery technology being one of the most paramount initiatives. Holiday expressed how Zensah’s recovery mission is wholly aligned with his lifestyle stating, “Recovery is so important to professional athletes. Finding new and better ways to recover is crucial to playing successfully in every game and throughout the season.” In addition, Zensah also plans on unveiling custom products with Justin Holiday, working in tandem with the athlete on some products specific to his style and performance goals.

    As part of the official partnership launch, Zensah will be utilizing comprehensive and innovative marketing tactics to promote Holiday’s collection to the market. For one of these initiatives, Zensah will be giving away Holiday’s first moment on NBA Top Shot, a digital platform which brings together the worlds of blockchain, NFTs,  and sports collectibles. Only a scarce 2767 of his moment will ever be minted, making this is an unprecedented opportunity for Top Shot users new and old to add to their collections. Zensah, like Holiday, believes in pushing boundaries through exciting new technologies, and Top Shot certainly fits that bill.  

    Zensah’s position as a pioneer of compression technology and a pillar in the industry makes this inaugural basketball partnership a noteworthy moment for the established brand. Zensah’s founder and CEO Ze’ev Feig expressed this sentiment, stating, "For the first time in 16 years, Zensah has chosen to form a partnership with an NBA professional athlete, and we selected Justin Holiday. His remarkable story of being undrafted after his college career and having to fight his way into the NBA feels personal and parallel for the Zensah brand. Zensah, too, has had to fight for its place within the industry, like Justin. Overcoming defeat to eventual success feels like a story our customers will know and relate to. We look forward to having Justin as part of the Zensah family and are honored to have him as a new face for us."


    Holiday’s resolve to endure and succeed despite going undrafted resembles Zensah’s growth, often as an industry underdog. The average NBA career is around four and a half years. For undrafted players who make it to the league, that number is even lower. Holiday is currently in the ninth year of his career, and is only getting better, with every success a testament to his hard work and perseverance. Zensah believes in celebrating those who persist through adversity to reach their full potential. Justin Holiday and his decade-long professional basketball career is emblematic of the Zensah ethos and founding mission.

    About Zensah:

    Zensah was founded in 2004 with the mission to help all athletes reach their highest level of performance via revolutionary technology. The origins of the brand namesake comes from the Italian word “SENZA, meaning “to be without,” and this is a foundational and fundamental belief of the company - that athletes should be without limits.

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