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    Recovery Shoes For Runners. What are They & Why Should You Try Them?

    August 16, 2022 4 min read

    Recovery Shoes For Runners. What are They & Why Should You Try Them?

    Picture this: You just got home from that long run or intense workout session, your feet are tired, your legs are sore. You unlace your sweaty running shoes and take them off: one foot…then the other, letting your skin and feet breathe. You are lying on the floor staring at the ceiling and thinking, “my legs and feet cannot be sore for tomorrow’s training… it's marathon season!” This is when you look to your right, along with your collection of running shoes, there’s this different one right beside your Hoka ProFly, a  black sock-like fit, with a  puffy, cloud-like sole. Maybe, that is all you need to boost recovery and be ready for your next challenge… A Recovery Shoe! But first, what exactly are recovery shoes for runners (and just athletes in general)? See answers to this question and info about our Women's Reposah Recovery Shoe below...

    What Is A Recovery Shoe? 

    A recovery shoe is designed to reduce post-running and post-workout soreness, tiredness, and boost recovery. These  shoes are designed for comfort: from the sole to the upper- and all of the features in between. They seem like an ordinary shoe, but they’ll help you maximize your performance. Everyone is looking for that extra edge in recovering faster. Using every extra tool in your arsenal to achieve faster recovery is key to helping push the limits of your performance every day!

    According to Mark Cucuzzella, M.D. Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, in a conversation with  Men’s Journal, Dr. Cucuzzella explained that it is hard to measure the impact of recovery. However, if a product is designed with recovery in mind and with features such as shock absorption - products like recovery shoes can help to reduce stress and support your entire lower body. From hips, ankles, knees, and even achilles tendons, when walking and standing, having a pair of shoes designed to support and comfort feet and swollen feet can be a crucial aid for recovery.

    Recovery Shoe v. Regular Shoe: 

    There are several characteristics that make a recovery footwear  different from regular  footwear. Because the aim is to provide the perfect cushioning and ideal support for the foot, different from the regular shoe, this footwear is designed with arch support, extra cushioning, and more comfortable fabrics, all made for strategic support. 

    The Manual's Amber Sayer  did a deep dive on why recovery footwear matters and why it's gaining popularity, stating: 

    "In recent years, professional and amateur athletes alike have started to turn to recovery  footwear to further enhance recovery and comfort after exercise. Runners, triathletes, tennis players, and even regular gym goers are some of the many athletes who are choosing specific footwear after exercise. After a long day on your feet you need shoes that provide stability, arch support, and relieve pain and tightness in the feet, ankles, and knees."

    “But, I Don’t Run…Can I Wear These?” 

    Although these shoes are great for recovery, according to  Dr. Daniel Geller, a foot and ankle surgeon focused on sports injuries, these shoes are also beneficial for anyone who spends too much time on their feet. So, like  compression socks, they are great for doctors, nurses, and anyone who goes through long-standing shift hours. Even Oprah gave recovery footwear a try… and featured them on her annual Oprah's  Favorites List for 2021, maybe it’s time you should too! 

    *Enter Women’s Reposah Recovery Shoe* 

    As here at Zensah, we are a passionate community striving to innovate together, boost recovery, and maximize performance to achieve our limitless potential… We worked alongside our high-quality manufacturers in Italy to build the  Reposah Recovery Shoe: A shoe that meets you in every aspect of your recovery and performance. 

    What Is Special About the Women’s Reposah Recovery Shoe? 

    Everything! Beyond having better looks than other recovery shoes out there - ours is sleek and elegant for everyday wear, The Reposah has features and benefits are from being the best on earth to being to the best for earth: 

    The Upper Features:

    Meet the machine washable  Qnova Recycled Nylon yarn made by the first European Nylon manufacturer to receive EU-Ecolabel for environmental excellence: Fulgar. This upper isn't only good for your feet, it's good for the environment. Beyond being made with more than 50% recycled waste materials and manufactured on a seamless machine, this breathable, lightweight, super comfortable and flexible knit, is laceless with an easy on and off minimalist silhouette that conforms to the shape of your foot. A flexible upper allow allows for comfort during swelling, and no pain points against feet.

    The Outsole & Insole Features: 

    These bulbous shapes that make up the sole design are manufactured by the Italian company known for its  innovative and sustainable iconic footwear: Vibram. Also known as “Plump,” the large rounded volumes are made for extreme comfort and cushion where you need it. They’re designed to follow the “biomechanical S of walking,” which is: pronation, foot tipping inwards, as it hits the ground, assisting with shock absorption. From the shape to the material, the sole is made for recovery in every sense.

    Along with the unique and meticulously-designed outsole for better support, the soft-removable insole provides extra cushioning and gives you the option to replace it with an orthotic or any preferred one. 

    The Reposah Recovery Shoe represents a combination of form, function, and quality, that will make you look good and perform even better!

    How Can I Guarantee My Pair of Reposahs? 

    The Women's Reposah Recovery Shoes are LIMITED! Don't miss out! Join the Waitlist!

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