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    She’s the Reason…I’ve Accomplished So Much!

    May 07, 2015 2 min read

    How has your mom inspired you to be the person you are today? Lauren from our Analytics team shares that her mom is the reason she has accomplished everything she has wanted and more.

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    Growing up, my mother was always incredibly supportive of me.  At the age of 3, she enrolled me in my first gymnastics class and I was hooked.  I decided then that I wanted to become the best gymnast I could possibly be, and luckily, I have a mother who was there willing to support me every step of the way. 

    My mom was a gymnast herself when she was younger, so she could relate to me in many ways.  She understood how much I loved the sport and was there to always help me.  I unfortunately had some bad luck with injuries.  Many parents would have made their child quit, but my mom was there to take me to all the doctor’s appointments and allowed me to make the decision to continue with the sport provided the doctors said it was okay because she knew how much I enjoyed gymnastics.  If I needed some extra practice time when coming back from one of my injuries to be ready for season, she was always willing to set up a private lesson with one of my coaches to help me out. 

    I like being successful at everything I do.  I wanted to be the best both at school and in the gym.  Having 4-hour practices every day can make this a challenge.  It certainly helped that I have a mom who was willing to make sacrifices to make it easier for me.  She set it up so I could take an online class each summer so I was able leave school early in order to make it to practice on time, and she never complained about having to make the extra 1 hour round trip drive to pick me up from school before my 2 sisters.

    I am truly lucky to have the mother that I do.  She always put my sisters and me first when we were growing up.  In fact, she still does.  She’s the reason why I’ve been able to accomplish as much as I have.

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