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Summer Workout Ideas for the Pool

May 28, 2014 1 min read

Summer Workout Ideas for the Pool

Megan Monroy, Zensah triathlete, hooked us up with a cool swim workout to get us ready for summer. Read below and let us know how it goes!

Alright!  Here we go! This swim workout is geared for a triathlete (emphasizing race conditions) but a great workout for run athletes too for cross training.

You will need a pull buoy, paddles, and a water bottle, and a kickboard (optional).  If you don't have the gear, just do the pull section of the workout with no pull gear.

The total yardage is 2,100 yards.  If this is too much to start, take out the pull section and kick section.  Have fun and swim well!

Warm Up:
250 yards (10 laps) easy warm up.
150 yards (6 laps ) drills of your choice.
4 x 25yds (one lap)- second half of each lap ​increase swim speed to med/hard effort.
2 laps easy

-This is the perfect time to take down some water and do some light stretching before beginning the main workout

Main Set:
4 x 50 yds /2 laps at hard effort
3 x  100 yds /4 laps at race pace or a little slower than your 50 yd efforts (med/hard effort)

2 x 200 yds /8 laps at slower than race pace (medium effort)
2 x 50 yds /2 laps at hard effort
2 laps very easy
300 yds pull with gear focusing on stroke technique and a streamline position in the water

Warm down:
100 yds (4 laps) kicking with kickboard or streamline
100 yds very easy

Your swim workout is now complete!  Great job, this was not an easy one.

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