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    The Best Home Gym Equipment For a Total Body Workout

    January 19, 2021 3 min read

    The Best Home Gym Equipment For a Total Body Workout

    No gym, no problem! While in the midst of winter and COVID still posing a threat, it may be easier and safer to get a workout in a home. When you add in balancing family life, work life, and a social life, some people may have difficulty finding the time to devote to exercising. Investing in your home gym does not have to be expensive, nor do you need tons of space even if you live in an apartment. Whether you have an hour or even just ten minutes, these five essential pieces of equipment will allow you to get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else for that matter).

    1. Resistance Bands

    Though it may look like a giant rubber band, this simple piece of equipment can elevate any bodyweight exercise. These bands, which come in various styles, sizes, widths, and resistance levels, are a great way to make traditional exercises, such as push-ups and squats, even more challenging. The constant tension that the resistance band provides forces muscles to work harder and intensifies any workout.

    2. Kettlebell

    A kettlebell is a great way to burn calories and fat for total-body toning. A 20-minute kettlebell workout can burn almost 300 calories while working to improve coordination and sculpt muscles just as effectively as traditional workouts. Unlike a dumbbell, the weight of the kettlebell is unevenly distributed, so stabilizer muscles are forced to work harder to counteract the shifting of the kettlebell's center of gravity. The kettlebell also adds a cardio element to any exercise regime because it is intended to provide a total body workout.

    3. Stability Ball

    Sometimes referred to as a Swiss, yoga, or exercise ball, the stability ball is an excellent addition to any home gym. targeting the core muscles, the stability ball can be a substitution for a bench and offer a soft yet unstable surface to provide a challenging variation to traditional workouts. With the help of a stability ball during basic exercises like push-ups, crunches, squats, and back extensions, muscles work harder to increase strength and improve coordination and balance.

    4. Suspension Trainer

    Suspension trainers are another great tool for a total-body workout. Weighing less than two pounds, a suspension trainer can be used anywhere as long as there is access to a sturdy anchor point, like a door or a pole. The suspension trainer uses the individual's bodyweight as the main form of resistance during exercise. Core muscles and stabilizer muscles are challenged by the instability of the suspension trainer. Regardless of fitness level, it can help build strength, muscle, and improve flexibility with hundreds of exercise options. 

    5. Jump Rope

    Convenient, compact, and cheap, a jump rope is a classic piece of equipment. Jump roping adds both interval training and a high intensity cardio element to any workout routine. After mastering the basic movement, advanced techniques can increase strength and endurance as well as improve balance and agility. When space and time is limited, jump roping is one of the best calorie burning exercises you can do.

    These five pieces of equipment are great options when creating your own home gym. Many of them are compact, lightweight, and inexpensive to give your home gym the jump start and portability it needs. Above all, these picks are versatile, so you can switch up your routine and target different muscle groups each time. Your home gym is essentially a free membership and open 24/7, so it is easy for you to make time and commit to an active lifestyle. These pieces are simple ways to help accomplish your fitness goals and New Years Resolutions. Be sure to wear your Zensah gear while you workout!

    Do you have a home gym? What is your favorite piece of equipment? 

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