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    Tips to Fashionably Eliminate Stress at Work

    May 25, 2022 3 min read

    Tips to Fashionably Eliminate Stress at Work

    Undoubtedly, stress doesn’t look good on anyone. However, stress oftentimes gets inevitable especially because the demands of life and the things that happen around us can feel overwhelming. It’s extra daunting to keep pace with the fast-paced age because of our seemingly endless deadlines, packed schedules, and piled-up deliverables.

    If stress gets out of hand, it can be a basis for serious mental issues and physical concerns like high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. And since we do not want this to happen, stress management is vital to avoid such serious health consequences.

    So, how do we manage work-induced stress? Let’s find out!

    Work stress management hacks

    1. Decide on what to wear prior to your workday

    Especially if your work does not have a dress code, try planning your outfit in the most laid-back or relaxing way. This is best to do at least the night before your workday, so you won’t have to stress yourself out looking for your lost blazers or ironing a creased skirt.

    To keep it stylish, consider opting for smart and chic wardrobe pieces or your fashionable signature styles.

    1. Keep your desk organized

    Many say that organization is next to godliness—so try organizing your desk at work. This may help you clear your mind, keep your desk visually appealing, and keep stress at bay. What’s good is you can prevent the stress of sifting through documents before an important presentation or meeting. Try surfing through the internet or Pinterest for some desk inspo!

    1. Take regular breaks

    Whether you’re working on-site or from home, taking breaks regularly means a lot for your physical, mental, and emotional health. While this may be hard to actually do, little steps are a smart move!

    By having a break, you don’t only recharge your batteries; you also help enhance your focus and concentration, embrace the opportunity for a mental reset, and improve the way you respond to work. It’s a big bonus also if you can step out of your place and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D.

    1. Work smarter with a task tracker

    Task management, another concept that’s different from project management, is the method of tracking, ticking off, and monitoring a task from beginning to end. It helps you make sure that no daily tasks can slip through the cracks.

    What’s good is that a task tracker can help you track multiple projects and deliverables, give you a clear picture of your progress, deadlines, work duration, and many more. These allow you to cultivate a more efficient work environment.

    1. Choose comfy over anything sky-high and sparkly

    If your stress levels have been rising lately, the best way to dress up for work and eliminate stress is to choose clothes that make you feel at ease. These can surely make a difference to your emotions while keeping you in your element.

    You may opt to dig out a cozy sweater or anything memorable that makes you happy. Try choosing comfortable flats or foamy insoles over sky-high heels that may cause sore toes. This way, you can save all your brainpower for work rather than stressing over discomfort.

    1. Keep correspondence efficient

    Staying on top of your work can be extra challenging if you get plenty of emails, things to review or accomplish, and even customer complaints. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out in such times.

    Make sure to promptly respond or acknowledge emails as much as you can. When you’re responding to emails or dealing with customer complaints in a timely way, people can feel valued and satisfied.

    1. Eat right and sleep well

    In addition to external solutions to handle stress, it’s best to manage your eating and sleeping routines. This way, you’re biohacking wellness.

    Admit it, the majority of us run off a caffeine-heavy diet to pull through workdays. Unfortunately, over-indulgence in caffeine is associated with higher anxiety levels and stress. To balance this out, try to reduce your caffeine intake, find alternatives, or eat a well-rounded diet coupled with a complete (six to eight hours) sleeping time.

    1. Ensure that your employees feel valued

    Cultivating a healthy workplace culture undoubtedly makes a profound impact on the entire workplace. This is why you should ensure that all your employees feel valued and appreciated at work. This is a good sustainable solution to managing work stress.

    When employees feel valued, results include increased job satisfaction, improved employee engagement, boosted productivity, higher employee retention rate, strengthened company culture, and positive bottom-line results.

    In conclusion

    It’s almost impossible to eliminate work-induced stress. However, there is a myriad of ways for us to manage it better so we can work happily and fruitfully. Consider heeding the above mentioned stress management hacks to get started.

    Research and Writing CREDIT:

    Katie Pierce

    Imagery CREDIT:

    Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels.com

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