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    What is CrossFit? CrossFit Definitions and Basics

    July 18, 2012 2 min read

    What do you think of when you hear CrossFit? Ropes? Weights? Burpees? Or perhaps you have no idea. You are not alone! CrossFit can be an intimidating workout plan because it involves a lot of terminology and a combination of what seem like complicated exercises. Most commonly associated with CrossFit affiliated gyms, or “boxes”, are wall-to-wall white boards cluttered with names, goals, times, records, and workouts. But does it all mean and how do we decipher it? CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program for both individuals and teams to reach their fitness goals and improve personal fitness.

    CrossFit with Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves
    CrossFit with Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

    You might need a CrossFit dictionary to cover all of the jargon and acronyms, but here are a few basic CrossFit definitions to get us started:

    AMRAP:  As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible (within a given time frame)

    As Rx’d:  As Prescribed – the suggested parameters for a given exercise (weight for example)

    “Boxes”: CrossFit-affiliated gyms

    PB:  Personal Best

    PR:  Personal Record

    Rep:  A repetition of an exercise

    Set:  A group of repetitions

    WOD:  Workout of the Day

    Involving a combination of exercises, “Workouts of the Day” or “WODs” create a high-intensity, varied program where no two days are the same (for the most part). CrossFit offers a lot of flexibility in establishing a workout routine because it includes combined movements such as rope climbing, rowing, sprinting, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises. CrossFit also utilizes various pieces of equipment including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, and gymnastics rings just to name a few. The extensive amount of exercises and equipment makes CrossFit a versatile program that caters to different fitness needs and levels.

    As an intense fitness activity, CrossFit increases the chance of muscles strains or serious injury without proper training practices. CrossFit includes different exercises that affect various muscle groups and parts of the body. Shin splints and overall muscle soreness is common among CrossFitters, which means they need recovery tools that keep up with their high-intensity WODs.

    For serious CrossFitters, the CrossFit Games is an annual summer event and a chance to compete against other individuals and teams for the title “Fittest on Earth.” With each passing year, the participation, prizes, and sponsorships are growing in strength and numbers. There are thousands of CrossFit affiliate gyms around the world, most of which can are found in the United States. Seeing as CrossFit is a program widely used in training for police academies, military special operations units, professional sports teams, and professional athletes including Olympians, it is safe to say that CrossFit is not just a fad but here to stay and will continue to experience growth and popularity as a fitness regimen in future years. Zensah Compression Clothing is the best recovery tool after any WOD.

    Have you ever tired a CrossFit workout? What is your favorite WOD or exercise? Any advice or suggestions for beginners or those considering starting a CrossFit program?

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