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Why are Cycling Socks Important?

August 13, 2020 2 min read

Why are Cycling Socks Important?

Cycling is a great exercise or hobby to stay active and healthy. If you are new to the bicycling world, you might question whether or not you need specific cycling socks. You might ask yourself, “What’s the difference between wearing a cycling sock versus a plain ol’ regular sock?” Of course you can always opt for a regular everyday sock when you bike ride. However, cycling-specific socks can make a huge difference in comfort and support during your ride. 

The Close, Snug Fit

Cycling Socks provide a non-slip, tight fit to stay in place and prevent from sliding down. Because it has a close fit, there is no excess material which eliminates bunching and stretching during your rides. This minimizes hotspots and friction which helps to keep your feet comfortable and blister free. 

Materials Matter

Bicycling socks are made out of materials that are durable and comfortable. Synthetic materials such as nylon or polypropylene are lightweight and wick away moisture. This keeps your feet cool and dry during cycling activity. As a result, these types of materials help keep your cycling socks odor free as well. Traditional cotton socks are not recommended as cotton absorbs moisture. With reduced moisture, your feet are less prone to blisters and chafing.  

Controlled Support

Many cycling socks also provide the benefit of compression at targeted areas of your feet such as yourarch and plantar fascia which gently hugs your feet to support your muscles. These sports socks also reduce pressure points and can also promote blood flow to your extremities which reduces the swelling that naturally occurs during exercise.

Breathable Design

Having thin, breathable socks is very important as your feet do play a critical role during biking. Cycling socks often feature mesh, ventilating upper channels for increased breathability and air flow. This helps to expel hot air allowing your feet to stay cool naturally. 

Cycling Socks are designed to give every rider the perfect fit and feel. One ride is all it takes to feel the difference of all of the added benefits biking socks can offer. Your feet will consistently stay comfortable, cool, and dry no matter where your adventure takes you. Go ahead and test its limits. 

Get outdoors, be active, and stay safe!

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