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    Why Wear Wool Compression Leg Sleeves?

    January 18, 2015 1 min read

    Wool is a very popular fiber for all outdoors and adventure sports. After hearing about wool for some time, you may be wondering what is so great about wool? When you hear “wool” the first thing that may come to mind is your grandpa’s old itchy sweater, but wool is actually one of the best fabrics out there!


    FastWool™ Compression Leg Sleeves

    Warms Better:
    Wool is a natural insulator and thermo-regulator, which helps keep your body warm through the coldest temperatures.

    Breathes Better:
    Nothing absorbs sweat and releases back into the air like wool. It is the most breathable natural fabric.

    Smells Better:
    Wool is one of the best anti-odor fabrics, especially for athletes. Wool is very efficient at absorbing sweat and not letting it sit on the body. Also, bacteria prefer to hand out in synthetic fibers so they stay away from wool!

    Plus, it is eco-friendly and sustainable! Wool is totally natural, entirely renewable and sustainable.

    We recently launched our first wool compression leg sleeves using FastWool™. This is a blend of the best wool with our proprietary super soft fabric. Wear FastWool™ and you get not-itchy, natural warmth plus all the great benefits of out compression leg sleeves like muscle support, shin splint relief, and faster recovery.

    Learn more about our new FastWool™ Compression Leg Sleeves and let us know when you take them for a winter run!

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