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    Why You Should Wear Compression Socks During Pregnancy + Tips for Supporting

    July 20, 2022 3 min read

    Why You Should Wear Compression Socks During Pregnancy + Tips for Supporting

    Do you have a pregnant loved one who could use a helping hand? Ever wondered why compression socks are good for pregnancy? We have the answers! Read on below to see our 411 on compression socks during pregnancy and how you can support your loved ones during their pregnancy journey.

    Get a Pair of Compression Socks

    Ever wondered why you should wear compression socks during pregnancy or why compression socks are often touted as a major asset during pregnancy. It's possible one of the best ways to care for your pregnant loved one is by getting them a pair of compression socks! According to WebMD

    "As your uterus grows, it places more pressure on your veins. Specific hormones make you more susceptible to blood clots, which can lead to a condition like deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Compression socks can prevent blood clots or blood pooling. Increased circulation helps ease body aches and pain."

    Mild swelling during pregnancy is normal, about 75 percent of soon-to-be moms will experience edemas and varicose veins caused by the extra weight of nurturing a baby. Wearing compression socks can help with swelling and blood flow. Swelling won’t go away until the baby’s arrival, so here’s an easy way to reduce these symptoms and alleviate the discomfort: slip on a pair of compression socks! 

    • What is a compression sock? Why wear a compression sock during pregnancy? Should you wear compression socks during pregnancy and postpartum? The Answer? Yes!
    • A compression sock is a specialized-therapeutic sock that applies pressure to one’s calves and ankles to boost circulation, reduce swelling and the risk of developing blood clots. 
    • When shopping for a compression sock, seek the same size as your regular socks and shoes. 
    • Make sure the compression level works for you. There are  different levels of compressions, from light to firm. You need a tight, but no uncomfortably tight sock. Our Tech+ Compression Sock is a great choice.
    • Keep in mind that bending over will become more difficult, make sure slipping on and off will be easy. 
    • There is a  range of style options, from bold designs to solid colors. Get creative, and pick the right look for you. Zensah’s Limited Edition can help you feel expressive, while getting the benefits of compression for pregnancy.
    • Wear the socks for as long as they’re comfortable, especially for walking, standing, or sitting.

    Don’t Skip the Milestones

    The pandemic forced everyone to cancel important events in their lives. Since many of us are still being extra careful, here’s how your loved one can celebrate pregnancy milestones safely.

    • Work with your loved one to host a  virtual baby shower that can replace an in-person gathering. 
    • Your loved one can still clue her social circle in on her baby’s gender — come up with ideas for a  long-distance gender reveal!
    • Don’t forget about special milestones.  Get creative with your loved one to assemble a pregnancy scrapbook.

    Outline a Safe Birth Plan

    Creating a birth plan is challenging. If your loved one needs some advice, these resources will be valuable. 

    • Is your loved one looking into a home birth? Go over  these questions with her to help her make the right decision.
    • Want to assist a loved one who is seeking a midwife?  This questionnaire is an indispensable resource.
    • Help your loved one create a relaxing space in their home. Use elements such as decor and plants to create a serene environment.
    • Also, ensure that the home is safe for your loved one. For example, declutter high-traffic areas and keep tripping hazards like cords tidy and tucked away (this is especially important if your loved one has a home office).

    Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

    Ready to go shopping and pick a special gift for your pregnant loved one? Here are a few suggestions for your list.

    • Purchase  a few key items that new parents will need during their hospital stay and put them in an adorable basket.
    • A portable  wireless charger can ensure their phone always has enough battery power to update friends and family.
    • If you aren’t able to be there for the shower or the birth, sending  FruitFlowers floral bouquets are a beautiful, tasty way to show your love.
    • Parents with a newborn have very little time to cook, so  preparing freezer-friendly dishes for your loved one is a fantastic idea.
    • Super soft, cozy items for recovery and delivery, like The Calming Sleep Socks
    • Also cozy, versatile, and beneficial compression socks for everyone throughout the hospital stay, or delivery and beyond.

    Showing the pregnant women in your life extra support is more important than ever. With these resources, you’ll be able to offer the help that your loved one needs!

    Zensah is a compression and sports apparel brand striving to revolutionize the way athletes achieve and perform.



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