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    Zach Davidson Rookie NFT Collection

    April 27, 2021 1 min read

    Zach Davidson Rookie NFT Collection

    Zensah is proud to make NFT history creating the very first NFT for an NFL draft prospect, Zach Davidson. CBS Sports says, "Zach Davidson is the 2021 draft's best-kept secret." Davidson's collection will include three limited NFT collectible artwork cards. The "Legendary Gold" NFT will be a 1 of 1, and the only singular release of the collection. The other two NFT collectible cards, Rare Fire and Rare Ice, will feature 30 editions each.

    What is an NFT and Why Should I Buy One?

    NFT stands for Non Fungible Token which is a fancy way of saying a digital asset that cannot be replicated. NFTs are given unique identifiers that differentiate them. No two NFTs are the same and by using blockchain, the history of a given NFT can be tracked from person to person dating back to their creation. Even though we do not yet know if Davidson will be selected in this year's draft, these NFTs could create extra value for the owner if he is ultimately drafted. 

    Check out the news segment on KSNF KODE with interviews from Zach Davidson himself and Zensah's CEO, Ze'ev Feig, about this exciting NFT release happening TODAY, April 27, 2021 at 3pm EST. 

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