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Zensah Athlete - Brian Kallman

June 21, 2015 2 min read

At Zensah, our mission is to create innovative products that wow and inspire all athletes to achieve their goals without limits.  In order to share more about our exceptional athletes, Zensah is excited to start the Withoutlimitz Athlete of the Week!  Each week, we will feature a different athlete and share their secrets to perform withoutlimitz.  This week, we interviewed Brian Kallman, a professional soccer player who wears Zensah Compression Shorts.

Brian Kallman
Brian Kallman

Name: Brian Kallman

Hometown: Woodbury, Minnesota

Sport: Professional Soccer

Years in current sport: 25 years, 9 pro seasons

What got you started: My parents signed me up, and I loved it.

Biggest accomplishment of your career: Winning the NASL (North American Soccer League) Championship

What parts of your training are key to your success?  Hard work and continuing to become stronger mentally and physically

What is the biggest challenge you face in your sport, and what do you do to overcome it? When you are not on the starting team.  You have to work harder and be ready for your chance to play, while helping the team become better every day.

What is your favorite Zensah product and why? My compression shorts.  I wear them every day for training.  They make my upper legs feel supported while keeping me chaff free.

How long have you been using Zensah? 4 months

If you could be great at any other sport besides your current one, what would it be? Golf, because I could play it forever.

What’s your favorite thing to eat after a tough workout? Rice, chicken, avocado, fruit, and veggies.

Who/what inspires you? My family. Thinking of them helps me get through tough workouts

How does Zensah help you perform without limits? Give my legs support while I’m playing, and help me recover faster after training and games so I am ready to do it all over again the next day.

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