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    Zensah Athlete - Lincoln Murdoch

    August 02, 2015 2 min read

    Name: Lincoln Murdoch

    Hometown: Omaha, NE

    Sport: Primarily triathlon but also love competing in running and cycling time trial events

    Years in current sport: 20 years in triathlon and 35 years in running

    Lincoln Murdoch
    Lincoln Murdoch

    What got you started: Going out for track as a senior in college having never run competitively before.  Don’t ever do that!

    Biggest accomplishment of your career: Winning the age group Gold Medal – National Championship at the USA Triathlon National Championships in 2012.  A close second would be racing for Team USA at the ITU World Championships in London and getting 6th out of 99 guys from 50 nations.

    What parts of your training are key to your success?  Adding in strength/resistance workouts to my swimming, biking, and running.  As I age, I train smarter, not harder.  Lower the total volume but keep it intense.  And…have to mention compression – Zensah all the way… during and after workouts and races.

    What is the biggest challenge you face in your sport, and what do you do to overcome it? Injuries for sure.  So, I do the resistance – strength work which helps a lot with stretching and being sure I’m really warmed up before anything intense.

    What is your favorite Zensah product and why? The Compression Leg Sleeves.  I’ve had almost chronic lower leg/calf issues for years and I know that the leg sleeves help me in a number of wonderful ways.  The injuries have been reduced since using the leg sleeves regularly.

     How long have you been using Zensah? About 4 years

    If you could be great at any other sport besides your current one, what would it be? Basketball was my first-love in sports.  Played for many years.  Now it’s too dangerous!  Ha.

    What’s your favorite thing to eat after a tough workout? Favorite but worst thing would be a large Snickers Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  Best thing is Recoverite recovery drink.

    Who/what inspires you? Athletes who compete with disabilities.  I’ve been blown away at races seeing athletes compete with one leg or no legs or one arm, etc.  Those are the real athletes!  Jason Lester, Jamie Whitmore, Scott Rigsby, etc.

    How does Zensah help you perform without limits? Zensah products help because I want to wear them due to their comfort.  If something is not comfortable, people won’t wear it, so it starts there.  Zensah products do what they are promoted to do.  They give proper support where it’s needed and they cut down my recovery time.  The leg sleeves and compression tights are amazing.  I love the socks too…and shirts…and gloves…

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