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    Zensah Athlete: Madi Serpico

    August 29, 2012 2 min read

    Madi Serpico Zensah Running Sports Bra

    The Zensah Sports Bra is undoubtedly one of the best sports bra on the market. From its seamless design to its amazing color selection, the Zensah Sports Bra is perfect for any woman who wants to take her performance to the next level. One woman who exemplifies this is Pro Triathlete Madi Serpico. Madi Serpico began running triathlons at the age of 12 and is currently training to compete in the triathlon in the 2016 Olympics. Madi loves competing in her Zensah Sports Bra and below she tells us why:

    I absolutely love my Zensah Compression gear but I really love my Zensah Sports Bra the most. I am one of those athletes lucky enough to work part time in a Triathlon store and I get to try on pretty much any brand I like. Over the years I have tried many bras and nothing compares to my Zensah Sports Bra.

    I wear it because it doesn’t chafe, it’s seamless and let’s face it, it is also one of the most flattering fits for any bra. I never feel sweaty in it even when I’m doing a longer training session, which lasts a few hours. It’s a very breathable material. To top it off they have the most amazing colors. I am definitely an athlete who loves to stand out in training and racing. So Zensah is perfect for me!!

    I lent my mom a Zensah Sports Bra to do Ironman Canada this past week and she did the whole race in it. She says it’s her favorite sports bra she’s ever worn. She loves it!!

    Thanks again Zensah for all of the great products and letting me come along for the journey.

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