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    Zensah Athlete - Vanessa Elizabeth Jay

    August 31, 2015 2 min read

    Name: Vanessa Elizabeth Jay

    Hometown: Leighton Buzzard, England

    Sport: Golf

    Years in current sport: 8

    What got you started: My grandfather introduced me to the game when I was 15, and I fell in love with the sport!

    Biggest accomplishment of your career: There are quite a few to choose from, mostly representing my county of Bedfordshire and my professional performances so far.

    Vanessa Elizabeth JayVanessa Elizabeth Jay

    What parts of your training are key to your success?  I do a lot to give back to my body. People underestimate the difficulty and damage that can take its toll in a one sided sport. I recently made a daily commitment to yoga, foam rolling and stretching of sorts. I also train in the gym to promote symmetry. I’ve always been strong and love lifting weights so it’s been an interesting journey complimenting heavy lifting with range of motion and stabilization work.

    What is the biggest challenge you face in your sport, and what do you do to overcome it? My biggest challenge is the mental game. Physically, I can adopt massive swing changes quickly, pick up new shots and spend over 7 hours on the range or on the course. But taking time to sit down and work on my mind has been a feat. Yoga has helped a lot and I dedicate time to visualization that I didn’t used to. As strange as it sounds, it helps me to anticipate a future situation going very well, so it almost feels like I’ve done it before once I get there.

    What is your favorite Zensah product and why? I am absolutely in love with the compression socks and I thought I would never say that about a pair of socks! They’re very soft and feel like they protect my feet over the course of a 4+ hour round and over 6 miles of walking. My feet take so much abuse that it’s nice to feel like I’m giving back.

    How long have you been using Zensah? 6 months

    If you could be great at any other sport besides your current one, what would it be? MMA probably. I really enjoyed martial arts growing up. There is something bizarrely peaceful about certain styles. It’s poetry in motion!

    What’s your favorite thing to eat after a tough workout? Steak, salmon or sushi!

    Who/what inspires you? My grandfather was a big inspiration to me in terms of golf but my parents inspire me in life. Even though they’re 3,000 miles away, I’m so unbelievably proud to be their daughter.

    How does Zensah help you perform without limits? Everything that I have done in my life has been to prove wrong the limitations other people have put upon me, whether they be doctors or even friends. Zensah helps me perform by taking away some of my worries about wear and tear. It’s also a company that inspires what I wish to inspire in people.

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