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Zensah Demo Night at Runners Depot

May 08, 2013 1 min read

Runner's Depot is a specialty running store with four locations in South Florida. The staff at Runner's Depot are well trained to accurately and personally 'fit' every customer who walks in the door.

Demo Nightswas developed by Zensah to bring runners and specialty stores together in a way to test compression products during run clubs. This is a great opportunity for runners to go into their local running store and test out Zensah products on the run!

Zensah Demo Night at Runner's Dept
Zensah Demo Night at Runner's Dept

Zensah recently hosted a Demo Night with Runners Depot. Check out the interview below with store founder Renee Grant (RG) to learn more:

Zensah: Have your ever done a demo night?
RG: We have with other products but this was our first time with compression
Zensah: What did you and your customers think?
RG: Our customers loved wearing the sleeves and seeing the different colors!
Zensah: How many of the attendees had tried compression before?
RG: I would say about half had never tried compression. This was a great way to introduce our customers to the benefits of compression.
Zensah: Did you see any effect on sales?
RG: We definitely saw an increase in compression sales the day of the event and the weeks following.
Zensah: Would you host another compression Demo night?
RG: Yes, it was a great event for our customers and us.

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves are the #1 selling sleeves in the USA. The Zensah sleeves help runners prevent and recover from injuries like shin splints, increase circulation, speed up recovery, and decrease fatigue. Visit Runners Depot for more information about Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves and all your running needs.

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