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    Zensah® Performance Face Mask in the News

    July 02, 2020 3 min read

    Zensah® Performance Face Mask in the News

    Since its release back in March, the Zensah Performance Face Mask has vaulted itself into the conversation for the most comfortable mask on the market. Whether it’s a short run through the streets, a quick trip to the grocery store, or a face covering for all-day wear at work, our Performance Masks stay in place and don’t cause pain or discomfort like other masks might. But don’t just take our word for it! The masks have 500+ 5 star reviews (and counting!) and have received shoutouts from numerous news outlets for their excellent construction and comfortable fabric. Read on to find out what is being said about the Zensah Performance Face Mask!

    The Chicago Tribune  

    More companies are making masks to battle the ‘sweat factor’ this summer, but are they effective? Here’s what you need to know.  July 1st

    Excerpt: “Some masks designed for exercise are already on the market. At specialty running store Dick Pond Athletics, a “performance mask” made by Zensah sold out as soon as shipments arrived, said Caroline Clayton, assistant manager of the St. Charles store.”

    The New York Times

    Exercising While Wearing a Mask,  June 17th

    Excerpt: “Some athletic clothing companies, including Under Armour, Koral, Zensah and others have begun to manufacture masks for use during exercise.”


    The Best Breathable Face Masks Will Help You Stay Safe in the Heat,  July 7th

    Excerpt: "Zensah's synthetic fabric blend will keep your face dry through errands or a jog."

    Where to Buy Face Masks Right Now,  June 26th

    Excerpt: “A performance wicking face-mask worthy of taking on your runs.”

    The Philadelphia Inquirer

    How to Work Out in the Heat During the Pandemic,  July 4th

    Excerpt: "Many runners recommend Zensah’s athletic mask, made with antibacterial and moisture-wicking fabric.

    Philadelphia Magazine

    5 Philly Running Pros’ Best Advice on Running with a Mask,  April 30th

    Excerpt: "We recently brought in Zensah Performance Face Mask at Philly Runner and they sold out in hours without any promotion. We do have more coming but inventory is very limited."

    Footwear News

    Best Face Masks for Exercise, Cycling and Running,  June 25th

    Excerpt: “Zensah offers top-of-the-line performance quality response with this mask. Set with a secure around-head strap and a balancing neck strap as well, this mask reduces pull on the ears while still following the contours of your face with its seamless construction. Compression technology finishes it out for a moisture-wicking touch that holds tight without slipping off.”

    We Found the 20 Best Face Masks For Running or Cycling,  June 12th

    Excerpt: “Zensah has made an ideal mask for running: it has moisture-wicking material which is great for sweating as you exercise. Unlike most cloth face masks, it’s not made from cotton, so you won’t have any bacteria growing on this antimicrobial fabric. The antimicrobial properties come from the silver sewn into the material, halting the growth of bacteria and keeping the mask odor free. In short, the perfect mask for running, cycling and working out.”

    Fast Company

    Worried about running with a mask on? Here’s what you need to know,  May 6th

    Excerpt: “One brand, Zensah, has created a $16 mask that’s popular with runners because the straps are designed to stay on your face. The mask is made from a breathable material that is contoured to your face and the fabric is antimicrobial.”

    Self Magazine

    15 of the Best Running Masks, According to Runners,  May 29th

    Excerpt: “The Zensah mask earns high grades from many, including Chicago marathoner and Ironman triathlete Lynn Rogers, who always wears one because the treatment for her chronic neurological condition leaves her immune system compromised. “It does not move. I don’t have to touch it. No ear loops,” she says. And it’s cooler than a full neck gaiter, so she won’t overheat on warmer days.”

    To see what our customers are saying about our masks, or to find out if it’s the right mask for you, check out the reviews on our product page here: Zensah Performance Face Mask.

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