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    Zensah Running Face Mask Review - From the FueledbyLOLz Blog

    October 26, 2020 3 min read

    Zensah Running Face Mask Review - From the FueledbyLOLz Blog

    After moving to California, I started using the Zensah Running Face Mask. When I lived in New Jersey, I saw maybe 5% of runners wearing a face mask. Usually, I could run alone and not see many people out. In California cities like San Francisco, it is more like 80% or higher of runners wearing a face mask or buff (yes, really).

    My personal belief is I prefer to wear a mask when I’m running in busy parks, crowded spots, or well-known tourist areas. It keeps me and others safe. Do I believe it’s easy to pass COVID during a fleeting second going by other runners? No, probably not. But do I want to have that responsibility if for some reason that happened? Also no. We don’t have the full research for it and I would rather be protected.

    Plus, masks are incredibly useful if you need to make a pitstop to use the restroom inside somewhere OR in emergencies. So having one has become important to me during runs.  Even if I’m not running in a busy area, I keep one on me just in case.

    After searching for a while, I stumbled upon the Zensah Running Face Mask. While I love all of my cat lady masks made by my mom, they aren’t breathable enough for running outside. The Zensah Running Face Mask is specifically designed for runners. Plus, Zensah also has matching sports bras.

    I’m loving all of the neon lately, so I went with a nice bright yellow Zensah Performance Face Mask.

    What makes Zensah Running Face Mask Good?

    The Zensah Running Face Masks are engineered to be breathable, antibacterial, odor-free, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and ultra-comfortable. You can check them out here.

    • Breathable masks: Since the Zensah masks aren’t cotton, they don’t hold moisture from heaving breathing and sweat. Plus, they don’t allow the growth of bacteria.
    • Moisture Wicking: Wicks away moisture and dries quickly.
    • Use of Silver: Zensah embeds silver microparticles in the fabric to stop bacteria growth. Silver also disappears heat, so it doesn’t feel “too hot” in the summer months…and apparently now in CA.
    • Comfort Straps: My favorite feature but the double straps around the back of the head, prevent falling or movement during runs. I don’t feel it or notice it while running.
    • Made for Fitness: The Zensah Running mask is seamless and follows the contours of the race. This means it won’t chafe or run. Is face chafing a thing? I hope not.
    • Reusable: You can wash it like other face masks.

    What is the Zensah Running Face Mask Made of?

    70% Polyamide / 23% Polypropylene / 5% Elastane / 2% Silver

    While this probably not surprising but worth noting, Zensah Performance Face Masks are not medical grade. You should also follow CDC Guidelines, wash your hands, etc.

    Using the Zensah Running Face Mask:

    If you’ve never exercised with a face mask, it does take time to get used too. All masks, including the Zensah Performance Face Masks, prevent the total amount of air that can be taken in from the lungs. If you feel light-headed, you should immediately stop exercising.

    When using the Zensah Performance Face Mask, I found myself breathing harder, but it was comfortable. I like the double straps in the back, which keep the mask in place. I’ve run probably about 100 miles in the Zensah Running Face Mask, and it’s never once fallen off and moved out of place. Except for breathing harder, I’ve found it easy to use and comfortable. When I sweat, it’s moisture-wicking, and I don’t worry about face chafing or it getting heavy. In fact, the Zensah Running Face Masks are made from the same material as the Zensah Sports Bras, so you can match if you so desire (like me).

    Anyway, if you are looking for a face mask for activity, I suggest the Zensah Performance Face Masks. They are lightweight, breathable, and if stay put when you are working out.


    Originally posted on the FueledByLOLz blog

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