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    Zensah Running Hat: The Best Hat for Runners

    April 21, 2014 2 min read

    The Zensah Running Hat; Because Sweat, Sun, and Rain Should Never Get In Your Way

    Running a marathon is a monumental undertaking and to be successful you need to be smart; having the right equipment will make things a lot easier. A running hat is an indispensable run accessory to have in your arsenal. When it’s raining, a running hat or a visor gives your face protection and keeps the water out of your eyes. In the sun, it shades your face and eyes and on those long or more intense runs, it can help to keep the sweat out of your eyes.


    Perfect for everyday use, hot weather running, and battling the sudden downpour, the Zensah Running Hat features a lightweight, classic design that keeps the sun off your face and sweat off your eyes. Weighing in at less than 2 ounces, it’s a must-have accessory that will be a noticeable upgrade from your typical baseball cap.

    The Zensah Running Hat is moisture wicking, and considering that a great deal of body heat and sweat is lost from our heads, a feature that is extremely important as it will transfer moisture to the outer later of the hat allowing it to evaporate easily.

    The terry sweatband, which will prevent any sweat from dripping down to your eyes, is built in ensuring that you never have to wear two accessories together; one less item to forget on that next run! The Zensah Running Hat features a wide brim for sun protection, an adjustable buckle, and a ponytail opening. It is extremely comfortable – made of 100% polyester – and is machine washable.

    The new Running Hats are available in 3 stunning designs including black, hot pink, and blue. The Zensah Running Hats are available online at www.zensah.com and in specialty stores across the country.

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