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    Bunion Corrector Sport Socks (Quarter)

    22 reviews
    Black/Grey - 2 Pair

    The Bunion Corrector Sport Socks (Quarter) are exactly what you’re looking for for your workouts. Our Bunion Ease Socks are ideal for everyday bunion relief, and these are designed for running, sports and physcial activity. These sporty bunion socks offer comfort for those suffering from bunions, early-stage bunions, hammertoes, overlapping toes, hallux valgus issues, tailor’s bunions (bunionettes), or corns or calluses. These are also ideal flip flop socks, toe socks, split toe socks as the split toe design makes them easy socks for flip flops and sandals.

    All of Zensah’s bunion socks are meant to work as a  bunion corrector & relief sock as they are engineered with a split-toe design to separate the toes, slightly straighten, and relieve pressure caused by bunions and similar foot issues. But the Bunion Sport Socks are made with specialized breathable and moisture wicking fibers for sports, walking, running, and more!

    More Details About the Bunion Sport Socks

    Light cushioning and compression supports and comforts inflamed feet while remaining ultra-comfortable for bunion relief.

    The specialized sport edition of our bunion socks has a second skin fit and is super comfortable and breathable for workouts or any activity such as running, yoga, and bed.

    Sleek black design with gentle cushioned bunion pad designs in a heather grey.

    • Bunion correcting socks made for sports and movement
    • Split toe socks perfect for running, walking, yoga socks
    • Bunion therapy socks prevents overlapping
    • Ideal for workouts of everyday activities
    • Compression helps to aid in circulation
    • Anatomical fit for bunion therapy

    Features of the Bunion Ease Socks (Ankle)

    • Split Toe Design: The separated toe design (or split toe design) helps to reduce abrasion of toes against each other and prevents overlapping. The split toe design helps to ensure the style can be worn as flip flop socks or sandal socks.
    • Seamless Design: Super comfortable seamless weaving with ultra stretch spandex, while maintaining their shape for bunion relief. No seams mean extra comfort and no abrasive irritation of seams against feet or toes.
    • Moisture Wicking & Breathable: Sweat wicking special yarns help ensure an optimal body temperature to prevent the build up of perspiration.
    • High Quality & Durable: Not flimsy -  made with the highest-quality yarns. Light cushioning and compression.
    • Cushioned Bunion Pads: Super comfortable cushioned areas and soft fabric. Ideal for running, yoga, night or bedtime, or bunion relief whenever you need it.
    • Engineered to Help Relieve Bunion Pain: Designed with bunion therapy in mind and to strive for bunion prevention, alignment, and correction as well as ultimate comfort. Cushioned bunion padding reduces irritation from shoe abrasion.

    Material & Care

    • Contents: 89% Nylon/11% Lycra Spandex
    • Ideal care is machine wash cold, and delicate machine dry no-heat
    • Made in Taiwan

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        Laurence H.
        United States United States

        Great Socks! Please Read Review

        They protect my bunion (actually "tennis toe") and are thick, durable, and comfortable. I like that they're marked as left and right so I can pull them out of the drawer and slip them on knowing they're matched and ready. They're holding up well, as I've been using these socks for several years now. I'd like them a bit higher than Quarter, but that's just my preference. I've tried other brands and these beat the second best ones I've tried in every category, price include.

        A E.
        United States United States

        Wiggle your big toe

        Love them! It’s great to wiggle the big toe not sure what it does for the bunions but I do like them.

        L K.
        United States United States

        Best Bunion Relief Socks I've Tried

        They helped relieve pain in a bunion that's had be hobbling around for the past couple of years; and they worked from the first day I wore them. I've gotten bunion relief socks from competitors, but Zensah's are far and away the best, especially the Bunion Corrector Sports Socks (quarter-length) which are thicker and protect my big toe from rubbing against my longer second toe and my shoes. For some reason, the Sports socks wear out faster than the Bunion Ease Socks which are calf-length and a bit thinner, but that may be because I wear the Corrector Sports Socks more often and for harder workouts--tennis, martial arts, and even just daily wear. I seldom wear any other socks except for compression socks that my doctor recommended for my varicose veins and swollen feet. There is another brand of socks that makes knee-high bunion compression socks (S...W...l), and these are the only socks I wear these day besides Zensah's, haven donated all my others to homeless shelters, along with most of the clothing I won't be needing as I am no longer an international pro athlete but am dealing with Parkinson's Disease. Thank you Zensah; wish I could say the same for Uncle Sam's free trip to Camp LeJeune and Viet Nam, for which I am still waiting to be compensated for what they rewarded me for laying my life on the line--so far, NOTHING!

        Sara R.
        United States United States

        Long walks

        The socks protected my feet. I did not feel rubbing against my toe. Happy with my purchase

        MagdalenaN A.
        United States United States

        Excellent but only one color

        Excellent product. Need to increase various colors selections for ladies and men. Women prefer to wear them accordingly what they wear. Add colors such as pink, beige, orange, red, purple, grey, white, light brown, brown, light and dark blue, light and dark green. More customers will be interested to purchase more. I am business process engineer. If you need one to work part time to help you to enhance processes. Please contact me mnandrade215@yahoo.com

        William E.
        United States United States


        Excellent product and service

        Mary H.
        United States United States

        I love these socks. Will be ordering more

        Jamie H.
        United States United States

        Socks help a lot

        I bought them for my daughter and she says they help a lot in cushioning her bunion during soccer.

        Mark L.
        United States United States

        Surprisingly good

        I thought anything thicker at the bunion would only hurt more but Zensah has done a sweet job here and I’m not getting the bunion blisters that I often get.

        Cia R.
        United States United States

        The Best Solution

        Pain gone. They feel silky on my feet. I recommend them.

        Judy R.
        United States United States

        Very comfortable

        I wear them to work 12 hour shifts. I had been using spacers but these work better. I bought one pair to try them and then bought 2 more. Just the right amount of compression. I’m used to wearing toe socks so these weren’t hard to get used to.

        Laurence H.
        United States United States

        Happy Feet

        I'd tried a similarly-priced pair of bunion socks and they worked fairly well in reducing the pain in my swollen, left big toe. After wearing Zensah sport bunion socks exclusively for the past three weeks I'm now completely pain free. I'm a very active seventy-one year old man who still surfs, plays tennis three times/week, and does martial arts. My toe hurt so much that I could barely do tai chi without the pain nagging me. The socks separate my big toe comfortably from the other toes and my shoes as well. I'm going to order 3-4 more pairs. I can pull the socks out of my drawer and put them on quickly because they're lettered with a large "L" and "R" on them. The other brand I was wearing were difficult to match up. The only thing I could ask for that would make them better for me is if they came in a crew height instead of quarter highs. Just a suggestion; I'm not complaining.

        Judy R.
        United States United States

        Very Comfy

        I’ve been wearing compression sleeves instead of socks to work for years because my feet don’t like to be compressed for 12 hours. These bunion socks are a game changer. I can get the compression without my toes being squeezed together. I’ll be ordering more.

        James S.
        United States United States

        Bunion Help

        These socks definitely help ease the pain…especially in my right foot because that foot is in a worse condition.

        leslie c.
        United States United States

        Bunion socks are great

        5 stars - they did help straighten the toe and are very comfortable!

        United States United States

        Great for just everyday

        This is a nice sock just to wear everyday. The Bunion design is comfortable but it also just looks like a nice black sock in shoes. Recommend!!