Boost Oxygen


Boost Oxygen is 95% pure supplemental Oxygen To Go, no prescription needed. The health benefits of oxygen are undeniable. Boost Oxygen has made these benefits readily available in a convenient, lightweight, portable oxygen canister that is 100% recyclable. Oxygen fuels cellular functions that provide energy to your body and brain. However, the air we breathe only contains around 21% oxygen, with the majority being 78% nitrogen. Boost Oxygen provides 95% pure Oxygen To Go! Boost is perfect for athletes, senior citizens, students and those at higher altitudes for safe, all-natural energy without stimulants or sugar. Flavorless, odorless and available in 2 sizes- a convenient pocket size or a larger size.

IMPORTANT Note: Boost compressed oxygen cannot be sold internationally and cannot be shipped with expedited (Air) shipping. Orders placed with expedited shipping may be canceled or fulfilled ground.

  • Pocket Size (3L): Provides 60 one-second inhalations.
  • Medium Size (5L): Provides 100 one-second inhalations.
  • Large Size (10L): Provides 200 one-second inhalations.
  • Natural: Supplemental oxygen without a prescription.
  • Easy Mouthpiece Design: Comfortable design for easy inhalation.
  • Multi-Use: Can help with performance, recovery, altitude sickness, and general energy.