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    7 Exercises to Help with Groin Pulls

    A groin pull occurs when groin or upper thigh muscles are overexerted and used too suddenly. Groin pulls are common in sports involving running and jumping, particularly when your direction must be reversed suddenly. If you've pulled your groin, there are many exercises that can help alleviate pain and accelerate recovery. One of the most important steps after a groin pull is to stretch the groin and inner thigh area. Some helpful stretches include:


    -Hip Flexor Stretch: Lean forward with your back leg behind and your front knee at a ninety-degree angle. Gradually push forward for a deeper stretch.

    -Short Adductor Stretch: Sit down with your knees bent, and slowly stretch out the short groin muscles on the injured side.

    -Long Adductor Stretch: Sit with legs far apart, and lean away from the side you're trying to stretch.

    In addition to these stretches, here are some exercises to restore strength to the groin muscles:

    -Resisted Hip Flexor: Tie one end of an elastic tube around the injured leg, then tie a knot in the other end to a table or other secure piece of furniture. Tighten your thigh muscles and bring the injured leg forward, making sure to keep your leg straight, then bring it backwards again.

    -Side Planks: Lie on your side with your body in a straight diagonal, then prop yourself up on your bottom arm and elbow, hold for 15-30 seconds, and repeat. Perform on both sides.

    -Resisted Hip Adductor: Stand sideways with tubing tied around the injured ankle on one side, and tie it to a sturdy surface behind you. Bring the injured leg out to the side slowly, keeping your leg straight.

    -Use a Thigh Sleeve: When performing any of these exercises, it's best to wear a thigh sleeve, such as the Zensah thigh compression sleeve, to make the process more comfortable and reduce the risk of reinjury. The Zensah sleeve uses compression technology to help stabilize and support muscles in your quad, hamstring and groin, as well as improve circulation.

    By performing these exercises, you can speed up your recovery and heal your groin muscles back to full strength. Make sure to use your Zensah Thigh Sleeve to aid strengthening and recovery.