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    About us

    Zensah athletes

    Zensah was founded with a mission that still drives us today: to help athletes of all levels reach their ultimate performance while in ultimate comfort!

    The company is based in South Florida and was founded in 2004. The name is derived from the Italian word "SENZA" - meaning “to be without" - because we believe athletes should be without limits. This mantra inspires us each and every day to create the most cutting edge sports apparel.

    Countless athletes around the world trust Zensah’s compression accessories and apparel for their performance and recovery needs. Some of these include Olympic gold medalists; NBA, MLB, and NFL athletes; and countless other inspirational individuals.

    What Makes Zensah So Special?

    Zensah's revolutionary apparel consists of an ultra-breathable, moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the body, allowing the garment and athlete to stay cool, dry, and light. Zensah, the pioneer of graduated compression apparel, has created innovative seamless sportswear designed as a true second-skin fit, giving the athlete greater performance, comfort, and mobility.

    Take a closer look at any Zensah product. You’ll find the garments are ergonomically designed to provide pinpoint support to targeted muscle zones. This ribbing delivers a unique fit that not only serves to support the body but also ensures upmost comfort.

    To learn more about the tech behind Zensah, take a look at our Technology section!

    We will work tirelessly to ensure you have a great experience with Zensah. Our products are very carefully designed and even more rigorously tested. Even so, nothing is ever perfect. If you are unhappy for any reason, all you have to do is call us, and we will prove to you that anything can be fixed!

    • Customer Service: 305-935-4619 
    • Email: customer@zensah.com