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    Cycling Sleeves for Sun Protection



    Cycling is a wonderful activity to participate in. It gets your heart pumping and acts as good cardiovascular exercise for a healthy heart and a healthy weight.  However, if you're not careful, your cycling could also have a negative effect. That effect is too much exposure to the sun, which can be harmful to your health. You can protect your face by wearing strong sunblock. For other areas of the body, however, that are likely to sweat, it's best to take additional precautions. One must-have item for thorough sun protection is cycling sleeves.

    As the name implies, these arm sleeves cover the arms in a lightweight, protective material, keeping them free from the damaging effects of the sun. And, if you're still not convinced you need sun protection sleeves, just consider the many negative effects of too much sun exposure.

    Why You Need Cycling Sleeves

    One of the biggest risks of too much sun exposure is an increased risk of skin cancer. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to the development to all types of skin cancer. What's more is that, when people develop skin cancer, exposure to sun is almost always the cause. Why expose yourself to this serious risk when you don't have to? Sunblock, arm sleeves, and other protective gear can allow you to cycle freely without upping your risk of skin cancer.

    The Sun and Your Immune System

    It may surprise you to learn that research has shown that too much sun exposure, especially when that exposure results in sunburn, can eventually weaken a person's immune system. This is not good since your immune system is what enables you to fight off infections and general illnesses and to stay strong and healthy. However, you can protect your immune system and your overall health by wearing sun protection sleeves and other protective gear when you're cycling.

    Maintaining that Youthful Glow

    One final thing you should know is that skin that is exposed to the sun too regularly will typically age more quickly than skin that isn't damaged by the sun. Wrinkles, lines, freckles, sun spots, and more can all appear if you allow your skin to see too much sun. However, you can circumvent this problem by taking the proper precautions to protect yourself. As you can see, you don't have to suffer the harmful effects of the sun, nor do you have to give up cycling. You simply have to invest in the right protective gear to keep yourself safe while cycling; it's as simple as that.