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    Fat Bikes, What Are They and What Are Their Uses



    Fat bikes are quite a phenomenon in cycling. They have had swift conversion from being a novelty to being rather significant in mountain biking; however, what are fat bikes? Fat bikes are bikes that allow cyclists to travel over terrain that other bikes either cannot pass over or would have trouble passing over. Compared to other bikes, fat bikes have wider tires measuring about 4 inches or larger, and the rims measure about 2.6 inches or wider. The frame has wide forks or stays in order for it to be able to have such wide rims and tires.

    Given the size of the tires, they can have lower air pressure than the tires of a normal bike would have. It can range from 8 psi for soft conditions like snow all the way to 20-25 psi for riding on the road or in urban areas. Because the psi of the tires can be so much lower than a regular mountain bike, more of the tire can be in contact with the surface, allowing it to have better grip. Also, there are many different tires from which you can choose for your fat bike.

    Moreover, what is the use of a fat bike? As mentioned above, they are useful for riding on a variety of different terrains. Whether you are going through mud, snow, sand, rocky shorelines, etc., with a fat bike you can traverse more easily over the terrain than with other bikes. This means that it does not matter if one lives in the hot summer weather of Florida or the harsh cold and snow in states like Michigan, cycling with a fat bike is not a problem. They can even be ridden over rocky terrain as well, especially when they are suspension-equipped fat bikes.

    Also, just like other bikes, fat bikes can be useful for races. As these bikes have grown in popularity, events designed just for these have been developed. Such events include the Snow Bike Festival, the Global Fatbike Summit, and the USA Cycling Fat Bike National Championship.

    Finally, these are also useful when going into the woods or hunting. Rather than having to walk and walk, with a fat bike you can simply pedal wherever you go in the woods or on a hunt. With the tires of a fat bike, any slick leaves, trails that other bikes could not handle, or stream banks will not be an issue. Also, any equipment you will be taking with you can be mounted right onto the bike so that it does not have to be carried.

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